homemade "rock"

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by bolt, May 5, 2007.

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    delete please
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    thanks for noticing that. major typo. age changed.
  6. I dunno man what you'd have to do to find out would be to vaporize that and have it analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spec (GC/MS).

    Physiologically the benadryl and adderall are responsible for the pupil dilation and this effect was stronger than the pupil constriction property of the oxy. The benadryl contributes to the dilation by disinhibition of tonic histaminergic mediated iris contraction and adderall by increasing norepinephrine. And it is even more complicated than that because of acetylcholine and serotonin.
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    Why the hell would you even try smoking a oxycodone or Adderal in the first place ? I just don't get it there are so many fillers in them you would be smoking acetometophin and binders thats about it and oxycodone does not have enuff opiate in it to even try smoking it in the first place. On the opiate scale they are very low on narcotic in the pill. Neather pill is water soluble and 9/10 is its not water soluble it can not be smoked or injected ? Ritalin on the other hand is water soluble and can injected or smoked. Even if there was a way to smoke it you would not put the flame right on the substance. It would have to be smoked like Herion you would have to put it on foil and heat it from underneath and inhale the vapers. But I can't even see a reason for that just eat the dam thing and sniff the adderral !!!!
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    no problem. but anyway, you should probably just pop the pills.
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    that is the method in which i smoke it.
  11. While amphetamine is certainly smokable, and likely oxy as well, the problem is all the other shit in that mess. Just eat the stuff, if you are eating a shitload of percacets you might want to do a cwe of the oxy, but you're making this alot more complicated than it need be.

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