Homemade 'hash'???

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by GoingHome, Jan 28, 2005.

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    How do you concentrate Weed?
    I assume, Blend large amount herb with Everclear-type substance?
    Irritate(?) or 'mix' let sit looong time.....evaporate? Scrape and smoke?!
    Is this feasible? smokable?
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    well ... they way I make hash, is by collecting the crystals that fall off the weed when i grind/break it up.. how do i do this? well, with my Grinder.. in the weed compartment, there's a screen where which the crystal falls through.. but not the plant matter. after awhile i scrape up the crystals (without touching them..they stick to your finger instantly) using a cut up old bank card.. or library card.. anyway.. i get it in a pile, and give it a bit of heat without catching it on fire. and compound it with my fingers.. at the same time heating it with a flame.
    try not to burn yourself.

    you heat it and press it together untill it goes into a hash like substance.. i like to make my home made hash (BubbleHash) hard.. then i just drop it in a bowl or pipe.. and blast off.

    it's a nice high, alot more intense.
    it's not "Hash" but it's THC crystal compounded into a hash like substance by applying heat.

    or http://cannabisheaven.co.uk/making_hash.html

  3. GoingHome

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  4. There are several ways to make hash. All methods are relatively easy to follow, but it does take a decent amount of bud to yeild just a small chunk of hash. Is it worth it? I think so!

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