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  1. cutelildeadbear

    cutelildeadbear Hip Forums Gym Rat

    Well, it is official, I am now homeless. I'm currently staying with friends for as long as I can do that. Not long I imagine. Ironic, I make too little money to afford any type of regular housing, meaning even the crappiest apartment in crapsville, and yet the governement insists that I make too much money for any type of assistance. So I'm stuck. Well I have my car, and I still have a job. I can't get a part time job for now because I'm still in school but maybe after August I could pick up a night gig and that way I could find a place.

    Anyway, I'll be living in my car for a while, it is a little 2 door civic (good on gas though) and I wanted to know if anyone had any tips for me. I can shower at my local Y where I have a lifetime membership. Now I'm just really trying to figure out where I can park and not get hurt or harrassed by cops.

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    I'd say park in a resedential area...
  3. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Member

    You said that you were a lifetime member at the Y.....correct? I am assuming it is the YWCA due to your name and avatar. The YWCA does rent rooms by the week, considering you are a member, you should be able to get a small room.

    If you are stuck living out of your car for a bit, a residential neighborhood is the WORST possible place to squat for the night. People in residential neighborhoods don't take kindly to car dwellers on their streets. Hotel parking lots and truck stops are suitable because no one really gives a shit there. Try not to park in dark and desolate areas, because you are a women you make an easy target for some assholes out there. Be safe....Peace.
  4. xscoutx

    xscoutx Member

    not every ymca or ywca has rooms to rent. i was 'lucky' enough to have been homeless in a college town with a big outdoor community--lots of camping. if you don't have a tent, you can sleep in your car in a camping parking lot. showering at the Y is great plus its a breeze (my experience anyway) to go into a college gymnasium and shower there. hang out at the library too. GOOD LUCK!

  5. AT98BooBoo

    AT98BooBoo Senior Member

    You can park in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It company policy that people can camp in there parking lot in cars,RVs etc.
  6. cutelildeadbear

    cutelildeadbear Hip Forums Gym Rat

    Thanks all. I checked with the Y here and they haven't got rooms or anything, but Catholic Charities is looking for something for me. I can't really go to a group home or anything because all of the ones around here are for people who are either handicapped, mentally ill or have drug problems. I don't fall under any of those so I'm SOL. I'm still on my friend's couch for now. My parents won't let me come stay there, but they gave me some money to help. (My dad is extremely stubborn). Right now I'm looking for roommates 'cause I can swing about $250 + utilities for a room. I guess it would be easier if I lived in a larger state, but there isn't much for me here. The only reason I stay is because I actually have a decent job with benefits and 401k. And I'm still in college. This country really sucks though, I can't afford to live, even if I sell my soul to the devil. People just don't get it I guess. $10.15/hour doesn't get as much as it used to. Pisses me off that the owner of my company has 3 houses and 8 cars, and I can't even get a one bedroom dump.
  7. Charlotte

    Charlotte Member

    I always liked the rest areas along the interstates for sleeping in my car. I felt safe because of the armed guards and their were facilities upon waking up. But I suspect one would have to use different rest areas each night or the guards might notice you were living there.
  8. mamaluv

    mamaluv Member

    you gotta be careful at rest areas, real careful, if your there by yourself at nite. if your gonna hit up a rest area alone, i suggest mace, maglite, and a knife.

    the deserted ones are worst, obviously, but just be careful.
    i stayed in my car for a while and just parked somewhere different every nite, hotel lots, apartment lots. if you got a sheet or something you can use it to drape over u, so its not as obvious theres a person under there :)

    as far as shelters, etc. ive had way better sleep in a squat or on the street than at those places
    check out www.kristenlaurite.org (i think) stuff like this happens!!
    not to freak u out or anything
  9. mamaluv

    mamaluv Member

    theres no armed gaurds here, i wish there were!!
  10. Charlotte

    Charlotte Member

    I stayed at the rest areas along the East Coast seaboard -- Route 95 -- and had no problems. Besides the guard, there's always cars and trucks pulling in and out all night. Anyone who wanted to cause harm would have to figure on the ever-present possibility that someone will drive in at just that moment. I just locked the car and covered the windows to block out the light and slept peacefully.
  11. MrsA-Camper

    MrsA-Camper Member

    it might not work for ya there, i'm not sure what kind of federal forest you have around you - but in Florida you can camp at the hunter camps off season for 2 weeks at a time - the rangers will come & make ya move every 2 weeks to another camp. rest areas on the highway are notoriously dangerous - and in Fla you can be arrested for sleeping there - of course, in Fla you can be arrested for just about anything....

    i've stayed at a pay by the week hotel a couple of times - was always the worst dive in town, and after paying up front for a week i felt safer sleeping in my car
  12. Charlotte

    Charlotte Member

    What and where are these camps?
  13. mamaluv

    mamaluv Member

    ive stayed at many rest stops too, but i wasnt alone, but it was up north, the south seems worse to me its where im from too...............
  14. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    They always give us shit here when we camp, no alcohol, no maryj. There are alot of places in central/northern florida where you can drive off onto someone's land and park behind some brush or something.
  15. hawkrider

    hawkrider Member

    Low profile living lest you get away with alot. I have and still do stay places that I hear others say its a no-no.
    The marina where I keep my boat dosn't go for liveaboards,yet I have been for 3 months. It costs me a whopping $68 a month including water and electric.
  16. SummerNymphO

    SummerNymphO Member

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones!! Where I live, we have State Land and can go camping without no hassles whatsoever, as long as you aren't cutting down live trees, lighting fireworks or driving your vehicles down to what is called the lean to's (3 sided log shelter on rocks). It isn't very populated either and most folks that do come wandering through there are really kewl! That is theee one place I can sunbathe nakkie, yell at the top of my lungs and flat out be ME!!! Get stoned as I want(though I rarely indulge in that) and get as silly drunk as I want....just when I do that, then I get spooked easily by my black cocker spaniel...fearing a bear...giggle There is a pond at this place too & I love to take a late night skinny dip too.;)

    GREENIE Member

    I was luck I had a old cheve van I stay in for 1 1/2 yrs save up some money buy a camper a small one but now I still live in a camper a biger one now there some thing to think about a camper you keep all your stuff in one place and have a bed and a little ice box what ever you want
  18. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Oh man,
    What was the name of that movie where this pregnant girl got left at a Walmart by her b/f. She ended up living there and had her baby in Walmart. Was really a good movie but I just can't remember the name. Had Ashley Judd in it.

  19. busboy5447

    busboy5447 Member

    living in walmart, that sounds like a good plot to a horror movie.

    The thought of walking onto that place is enough to bring chills to my spine,
  20. mamaluv

    mamaluv Member

    haha, i seen that movie too, but cant remember the name either.........she kept a "what i owe wal-mart" list


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