homeless, the movie.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by boynamedsue, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    i was travellin through vancouver about 3 years ago , and these two guys came up to me and my buddy and asked usto act 'crazy' for a school film they were doing. they gave us like 10 bucks for it i think. but a couple months ago , people started coming up to me saying i was in a movie they rented called homeless, the movie. kind of a bum fights spin off i think( which had its good parts, but also really offending parts towards homeless people) i haven't seen the one i'm in yet. i know i didn't sign any papers though...

    have any of you seen it?
    should i do something?
  2. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    That sucks! I'd try to get a look at a copy of the movie and then talk to a lawyer. If there's a possible lawsuit involved most lawyers will take the case on contingiency (no money up front, you don't have to pay til you win).
  3. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I think you should do something about it if you can find the movie and see yourself. Get your cut, or sue them.

    you can't just do that to people. I mean, what if you didn't want to be portrayed as homeless?

    I really think you gotta let people know if they're in a movie and they're more than an extra.
  4. Sue the shit out of them. o_O They can't do that without your permission.
  5. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    i've been thinking so . i don't care about money too much , although some would be nice haha. but it's more of a personal thing. i have a place now and work and all that and even though its not a blockbuster or anything don't want that kind of advertising...we were acting prettty supid.cheers.
  6. PhOeNiX_fIrE

    PhOeNiX_fIrE Member

    OH YA!!!! I saw that!!! You're the girl that fucked herself with a beer bottle for like ten bucks!!! Can I have your autograph?
  7. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    AWWWW i knew it would pay off some day! you can have my autograph.
    or better yet. why don't you come down and we'll .............tee hee hee (blushes)

    .......throw eggs at stupid sleaz boys! stupid fuckers . mwa ha ha ha ha
  8. PhOeNiX_fIrE

    PhOeNiX_fIrE Member

    CJ SLEASY SUCKS. I can't believe those bastards stole our beer. The nerve of people these days!!! I'm not sure if I'll talk to you or not before you come on here, but I can only drive you to toronto tomorow. My stupid brother wants me to stay the night, so you gotta get a bus ticket back.

    "I don't like you...."
    " I think you should leave now."
    " Okay. Good-bye"
  9. RoBoWaLkEr

    RoBoWaLkEr Member

    I'll keep an eye out for that movie next time I'm in blockbuster...what do you look like? I'll see if I can recognize you.
  10. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    i was in full hippy gear. a little drunk hippy swhat i look like.
    the movies like the canadian version of bumfights .
    hmmm, i should do the american thing and sue the fuckers.
    ( no offence to all the americans:p )

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