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Discussion in 'Washington (State)' started by HydroLogic, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. HydroLogic

    HydroLogic Guest

    My girlfriend and I lost contact with our friend in Seattle. Last we heard, she's homeless now. Needless to say, we're extremely worried about her.

    We think she may have relapsed into a reoccurring drug problem, so Hempfest may be the best bet of finding her.

    If anyone here is going to Hempfest this weekend, could you put up some missing posters around the area?

    Here's a link to the missing poster I made:

    Thank you.
  2. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    dude.how the fuck do we know that you aren't some stalker or abusive ex boyfriend?.........maybe a pimp?
  3. ScoatDaGoat

    ScoatDaGoat Guest

    Damn she is gorgeous! I hope she is ok. She can come live on my land with the rest of us for free!
  4. HydroLogic

    HydroLogic Guest

    If you're already thinking that way, I doubt there would be much I can do to prove I'm not some stalker or something.

    The only thing we want is to let her know that we're worried about her and that we want to help her get off the streets.

    If I was a stalker, why would I get someone else to do the stalking for me? We're in California, which is why I'm here trying to get someone to hang up a few posters.
  5. HydroLogic

    HydroLogic Guest

    So are you going to Hempfest then?
  6. ScoatDaGoat

    ScoatDaGoat Guest

    I wont be there but I have family that will. I was just offering a place for her to live and kick the drugs. Got five acres of land that needs all the hands it can get.

    I will send my family the missing poster link for sure though.
  7. HydroLogic

    HydroLogic Guest

    Thank you. It really means a lot.

    When we find her, I'll private message you here. She really needs a place to stay and get help. I wish that we could offer more help ourselves, but we're in Cali so we're very limited on what we can do.
  8. ScoatDaGoat

    ScoatDaGoat Guest

    I really need the help and it is a drug free atmosphere so she is more than welcome to come and help us build and farm for free.

    I sure hope she is ok. I lived in Seattle for a while and it is very homeless friendly up on Broadway. You sure she didnt head down to Portland? It is a mecca for homeless teenage drug addicts.
  9. HydroLogic

    HydroLogic Guest

    Actually, someone told us she got arrested in Bellingham about 2 weeks ago, but we were unable to find her name in the jail records. It's possible that she has no ID, and just gave a fake name. A few people in Bellingham have also said they might have seen her around Holly Street.

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