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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by SugarStash, May 7, 2007.

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    I"m not pregnant, but my DH and I would like to get some things figured out before I am. We aren't even really considering a hospital birth unless (knock on wood) there's a problem. So I'm just curious about the costs of a homebirth, including a midwife or doula (not sure which, see my other post :) ). I live in nothwest ohio, and I'm not sure of how to go about finding a midwife around here. Also, I was wondering if our insurance will cover it (in whole or in part) the same as they would cover a hospital birth including prenatal visits. Just trying to figure some stuff out,and I would be grateful for any help. :)
  2. mine cost a cool 3 grand, 1800 of which was returned to us from our insurance. each insurance company is different though. we went into it never expecting the insurance to cover anything. midwives are usually very happy to work out a nice payment plan throughout your pregnancy.
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    it really depends on the state some states are a whole lot cheaper than others
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    ours cost $1500, she was a mid-wife in training ("lay" midwives have to put in a ton of hands-on experience, I'm not sure, but I think I remember it being like a thousand hours of attending deliveries...) don't hold me to that. Well for that price, which she allowed us to make in installments, included a team of midwives, 3 in total. One was her supervising/mentor and the other was a co-internist. Out insurance did NOT cover the costs. As she was a "lay" midwife and not a nurse midwife... it's all part of the misogyny of "the establishment" IMHO...

    The great part also regarding having a midwife, is that is you DO have to transport, then she becomes your Doula in the hospital. Which, for me, as I did have to transport for that whiff of pitocin, she was my advocate for my birthing plan, when I was in "labor-land" and did not want to talk.

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