Hmm... a school with no tuition...

Discussion in 'Free School' started by ColorExchange, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. ColorExchange

    ColorExchange Member

    It would be a real boost if a Harvard professor posted here. Just dont happen without cash. ><
  2. ColorExchange

    ColorExchange Member

    so who here wants to launch a class?
  3. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    We tend to use alternative from the mainstream methods taught by controlled instructors who have their own agenda, or those agendas of the ones that sign their check.

    We here, share the information to all that need it. I did not go to Harvard, but I am trained and certified in several alternative healing methods.

    There are many here amongst us that hold certificates in various fields, practicing for decades, like myself. We are not uneducated or inexperienced. We share our knowledge to help mankind out of love and compassion. Our reward is, doing our part for society with out charging them ridiculously inflated prices.

    If you are interested in starting a class, you need to have students interested in learning about what you feel you are qualified to teach. Each class have to have an Instructor, who is active in the class.

    If the class has enough merit and has at least 5 students willing to participate, then Skip ( our webmaster ) will decide weather or not to add it to our internet free school.
  4. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    harvard has free online courses as do hundreds of big name uni's...

    you get a certificate of completion but not an actual credit

    search ''mooc''
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  5. makihiko

    makihiko Official hippie since 2005

    I have checked the free school section a few times over the years, and I think it was a good idea. but, there is not enough actual education going on here for me to be able to learn anything. I have learned more from the general forums.

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