History to specific names found in the bible

Discussion in 'History' started by War John, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. War John

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    Original names to some of the names found in the crafty bible.

    These are meant to rhyme so that you should pronounce them correctly:

    Satan is originally Atan.
    Babylon is originally Abylon.
    Micha'el is originally Icha'el
    Jesus is orignally Esus.
    Gabriel is orignially Abriel.
    Jezebel is originally Ezebel.
    Daniel is originally Aniel.
    Mary is originally Ary.

    You see, the front letters to those names were just that, fronts.

    These are the drop-top jags, where it is so how many want to be them.

    The original names are marvelously amazing, especially how no body else has these very exclusive names through the lifetime of names I came across.

  2. War John

    War John Member

    Those names belong to whom are both:

    A Devil which is a 'evil live vile' soul with spirits.
    A God which is a 'good go overdose' soul with spirits.


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