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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Celine, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Well, I'm having the same dream for ages now..

    It's about a guy I love, he lives about 400 miles from me. And I dream his friend tells me about his mom, who died, and that he didnt sleep, drink, eat and talk no more. And well, he had been cutting for a while so I was really worried. So I jump on the train and go to that city. Take the bus to his house in the woods. His dad opens the door and I walk to his room. And meet him there, just sitting there without crying. I take him for a walk in the woods there, and talk about my fucked-up feelings when my grandma died on cancer and I wasn't there for her. I was having FUN staying with some other people... Still feeling guilty... And then we go back, he goes to sleep and I guard on the edge of his bed. As soon as I fall asleep he wakes up screaming and crying. And I'm not inmediately there to help him, so I get naked and lie down in the bed. He holds me tight and wakes up every hour screaming, it was HORRIBLE, looked so real.. In the morning hes really thankful, and now knows that I love him, and starts touching and kissing me. And I make him stop, because his feelings are produced by his pain. And then I wake up..

    Does anyone knows if this has a meaning or something?

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