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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by trisma, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. trisma

    trisma Member

    I am considering opening a store on ebay to sell hand made items such as hemp jewelry, incense, candles, soap
    also perhaps wands,staffs,amulets,runes etc.
    if any of you are or have sold these sorts of items I am curious as to your experience. I am more interested in the financial aspect, could I make a living selling these items exclusively on ebay? any advice is appreciated thanks
  2. shameless_heifer

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    Merry Meet Trisma,
    I have an Ebay account. I've had it about three years now. I make and sell glycerin soaps and I make candles and natural beauty products. I do ok, but there's a lotta compitition in soaps and candles. The thing is to find something or make something unusual that's pleasing to the sences.
    You have to have a credit card and a bank account. I have a seperate account just for ebay. (you can be hacked and your bank account drained). I transfer the money in my ebay account and put it in another account. I never leave money in Paypal, I transfer that into account asp.
    I wanna warn you that when you sign up for ebay, they go by reps. If you have no "reps" it's hard to get people to buy from you. The more reps you have the more trust people have in you. There's a lotta shit that people will put you through.
    Like bid up your product and then not send the money. When you get established and get some reps things start to go a little smoother. I wish you the Brightest Blessings in you endevor and may peace and love be in your footsteps.. Blessed Be.
  3. trisma

    trisma Member

    thank you very much :)
  4. jailmate

    jailmate Plantenist

    Howwwww duz dis capitalistic shit relate 2 : "hippy and metaphysical stuff"?
    ORRRRRRRRR Ih am mizzing sumthin, duz diz shit make Uhr HAIR grew?

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