hippie makeup/facepaining?

Discussion in 'Flashbacks' started by ImaMuffin, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    could some of the more mature folks post pictures or talk about the makeup and face paintthey used to wear? I want to do some neat facepainting for my character in HAiR, but I have to be able to prove to my director that it is genuine looking, and not modern at all. thankyou
  2. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    :( please?
  3. MisterFox

    MisterFox Member

    I never knew hippies wore face paint, except that clown from the House of 1,000 Corpses.

  4. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    lol nice. though I have never seen that movie. from what I have researched and heard from my elders, they painted flowers and such on them selves.
  5. i'd do a huge sunshine! and maybe some stars and a couple flowers and some amazing pot leafs!!! totally rad
  6. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    thanks! I found a picture in a book that I am taking inspiration from. I'll post a picture of my version soon.
  7. moongazer

    moongazer Member

    Hair is AMAZING. have fun!<3
  8. ImaMuffin

    ImaMuffin Member

    It IS amazing! we open in 5 days! aaaaahhhh!

    it's been a truly awesome experience. I look at the world in a totally different way that I did before the show started.
  9. hippy i am

    hippy i am poppy seed bagels

    Flowers, peace signs, words of inspiration (LOVE, etc.), etc. Just use your imagination, and don't stereotype us too much, each hippy is/was different and not some of all are not at all stereotypical. I know that I am, I fit very well into the mold of a hippy, very sterotypical. I love to paint flowers and LOVE on my face. I do it often.
  10. Hajni

    Hajni Member

    Surch some pics buy paints and lets go.

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