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Discussion in 'Clothes' started by fan-girl, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. fan-girl

    fan-girl Member

    heya as some may know i hav a hippie radio with my friend and i do a section on fashion each week and i decided to work from the feet up so last week i did shoes and this week i was plannin to do summit on legs [​IMG] only i dont really know much about what hippies wore/wear on thier legs and i was wondering if anyone could help me
    i was thinking along the lines of something like socks or tights or long socks/stockings etc
    so yeah any help greaty needed [​IMG] next week its trousers! lol
  2. nynysuts

    nynysuts No Gods, No Masters

    Bare feet!
  3. novemberhaze

    novemberhaze Member

  4. Bell bottoms and embroidered jeans, what you said: stockings and leggings, hippie skirts, etc.
  5. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    ya dont wear socks if u dont got no shoes

    legs...fur...fuzzy furry hairy happy hippy legs
  6. barefootdude

    barefootdude Member

    I would have to agree. True hardcore hippies don't wear shoes at all. Hemp anklets and maybe toe nail polish for girls = hippie footwear.
  7. Patchy long skirts, patchwork pants... nekkidness...
  8. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    historical or current?
    current is the patchy/ reconstructed skirts and trousers (pants, for USA-ers, are underwear in the UK) and flowy import Indian stuff.
    and good old jeans for the worker bee sorts.
  9. Jeans, skirts, etc
  10. Fajardo

    Fajardo Banned

    Jeans with a color red, yellow, green and sometimes blue..
  11. Delfynasa

    Delfynasa Member

    whatever is comfy...embroider jeans, bellbottoms, flowy paisly, or patchwork skirts, tie dye things. Tights are cool when I can get ones that actually go to my waist!
    some don't wear socks with sandals but I think it is a great places to show off gnarley socks...
    don't go barefoot as much it makes my feet hurts:-(
  12. Ohmygoodness I love those jeans on page one so much.
  13. barefootjaime

    barefootjaime Member

    I'm a beachbum hippie, so I wear board shorts most of the year and when it gets below 50, I wear either pajama pants or fleece pants that cover the tops of my feet. I don't believe in shoes, so I don't even own any...lol
  14. gypsy_queen79

    gypsy_queen79 Member

    A neat thing to do was have straight leg jeans and cut an opening in the sides from just below the knee or about mid-calf, depending on your preference and then patch a piece of fabric in the gap (something bright usually) and make the straight legs into bell bottoms. Sometimes its nice to sew a tiny bell inside the swishy part so you jingle as you walk.
  15. check flea markets!
  16. varshasingh

    varshasingh Guest

    i like to wear black top,red skirt and black stockins.
  17. I love being in barefeet and striped stockings :p

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