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Discussion in 'Hip Photos' started by migle, May 18, 2004.

  1. migle

    migle Senior Member

    This was a very hip moment for me. I'm from Zpain, and there I was with some friends in Suomelina, a Finnish little island near Helsinki watching the sunset, extremely special moment, I wouldn't know how to describe the feelings.
    Ah! and I am the one sitting and smoking :rolleyes:
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    thats awesome but ur face looks like ur pissed off lol maybe ur just happy in ur mind
  3. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    I think it is just the 'bad ass' glasses that make him look pissed off....i think it's a fabulous pic!
  4. migle

    migle Senior Member

    Thank you guys, yeah, my face is too serious, but i think it's because i was having one of those moments you just think about the whole world, how can it be so big, and so fabulous, and how can we be killing it, and killing ourselves all the time, i don't know...

    And the glasses were there because the sun was just in front of us and it was hurting, have you seen the nordic sun? it's amazing
  5. he looks sexy not pissed... sexy...;)
  6. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    Yeah...he's deep in thought...

    Nice pic. I wish I could be somewhere pretty. :( We live between all these hills and I never get to see the sunset because the sun disappears behind the trees at like 4:00. :(
  7. migle

    migle Senior Member

    Eiz!! Thank you, you make me go red, :p

    And Happy girl, how is it that sun runs out at 4, so early? in this season?
  8. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    It doesn't set then, it just goes behind the trees at my house so I can't see it. It really sets at like 7:30 or 8 or something.... :(
  9. DrDooblittle

    DrDooblittle Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    you look like you're waitin for a huge drug deal to go down!!
  10. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Dude... photoshop out your friend, put "MOMENTS" in big jagged block letters at the upper left hand corner and some band name like "Universal Exploits" under it and you could fake out the world.... Can I do that for ya? Just to see?
  11. Migle.. I must say you are very hot! :D
  12. ow ow, sexy boi. :p
  13. Ayesha

    Ayesha Member

    You're so cute... so cute... it must have been a wonderfull moment.
  14. migle

    migle Senior Member

    Eiz!!! Thank you very much.
    But I have to say, there in Finland I couldn't be as hot as I would have liked. It was too cold LOL

    And DarkLunacy, you can do whatever you want with the photo, let me see after if you want, heheheh

    And it's sad HappyHaHaGirl you cannot see the sunset, but anyway I think that seeing the sun setting between trees must be as nice as seeing it setting behind earth, isn't it? I think so, enjoy the nature as long as you can.
  15. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    I really like your sig pic one :) your very good looking. Cheers......
  16. I must agree Migle -- You are very hot!
  17. migle

    migle Senior Member

    I do like your sig with that photo of fear and loathing, one of my favourite movies, I can watch it again and again.

    Thnx for the compliments girls, you made me blush
  18. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    I can watch it over and over too :) just did last night :p
  19. migle

    migle Senior Member

    Weeeeee!!! That's a good idea, I think I'll watch it tonight, but I'd really like to watch the original version, because I have a translated into spanish version, but I think that only in the original version you can appreciate the acting, and if the translated version is hilarious, I can't imagine how can be the original...

    And btw, which is the "bat country"?
  20. wolf_at_door

    wolf_at_door Senior Member

    One moment kept. Fantastic, migle! :)

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