Hip Hop clubs?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Smoky_K, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Smoky_K

    Smoky_K Member

    Hi people, just got to say this site is nang(the best),

    i was wandering if anyone can recommend any good clubs that play hip hop/ rap.
    I am going 23feb for 3 days. I've been there once b4 last jan when it was covered with snow. Which was a bit of a bitch(i was freezing my nuts off :eek: ) but very beautiful.

    Plus can anyone tell me the rules about smoking- is it only allowed in coffee shops how about in the parks. Last time i stuck to the cafes but i just wondering
  2. moondance

    moondance Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The only one I know of is De Duivel , it's at Reguliersdwarsstraat 87.
    Some info here:

    Vondelpark is cool for smoking - not strictly legal but everybody does it.
  3. Smoky_K

    Smoky_K Member

    cheers for that, i differently check it out

    on that website it says its the only hiphop club. wots up wit that?

    there must be more clubs that play hiphop/rap or r&b, does anyone know any?


  4. marcus

    marcus Member

    thanks, i've also been looking for a hip hop club
  5. USCpisces

    USCpisces Member

    I am also going to Amsterdam- in March actually. I am stayin at the Arena hotel, (which is all modern and minimalist) it supposed to be in the building of an old Haunsted orphanage, In Oosterpark I believe. Neway they have their own nightclub at the hotel which is supposed to be fun...the hotel has a website you can look it up. If you hit it up lemme know how it goes when u get back and prep me for my stay.

    - Ashleigh

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