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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by m6m, May 9, 2004.

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    INVITATION to all of us here to join together at the '4ums' kitchen campfire scene at this year's Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes.

    What is the annual national Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes?
    10,000 to 20,000 free spirits who come and commune together in nature every year free of charge.

    After Woodstock, as the legend goes,the Hippie Counter Culture was inspired to create an annual Gathering.

    A Gathering that would help each of us to experience the spontaneity of Tribal Life.

    Where each of us can share our own individual spirit paths with each other.

    And, to help fulfill the ancient prophecy that, 'A day will dawn when all the Tribes will gather and merge together into a Rainbow Family of Light'.

    Now, most of us only know each other from these Forums here in Cyberspace.

    Well, dozens of us from these Forums will be at this year's Gathering, and now we can know each other by sharing this total Tribal experience together.

    Sharing a kitchen campfire scene, as many of you already know, helps to make our Rainbow experience even more real.

    This year's Gathering will be somewhere in the Great Basin Region. We won't know exactly where until Spring Council around the second week of June.

    I'll get there on the 14th or 15th of June to begin set-up. I'll stay until the 10th of July for clean-up.

    So bring yourself, your friends, your family, your passions, and let's connect.

    If you have any kitchen supplies and/or bulk food, bring them for sure. The more supplies we bring, the more of us we can feed.

    I'll post a separate thread listing useful kitchen supplies and/or bulk foods that would be useful in the Rainbow Family Forum tomorrow.

    See ya 'on the bus'
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    ya know I'm doing my best to make it there this year. It just depends on how close to Cali it is. i can't wait to meet some of the pholks here. Just as important, I can't wait to go Home!!!!
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    Start getting ready, for those of us who are going.

    And, if you are able, bring food. Lots of FOOD!
    As much as you want to share.

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