Hinduism and evolution?

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    Please forgive my ignorance on the compatibility of the various creation stories of Hinduism with the theory of evolution. Could someone please explain how compatible evolution and the scientific estimate of the worlds age are with hymns from the Rig Veda, the egg concept, and the four ages of man (as examples)?

    I consider myself to have a very rational and naturalistic worldview, but I have often been interested in the purest manifestations of Hinduism and I'd love to improve my knowledge on this very specific subject. I'd also like to thank you all for at least taking the time to read this unintelligible mess of a post.
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    I think your answer lies in purusha sukta, according to Hinduism , all creation comes from God, from what we call Brahman.
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    hindus are evolutionists who believe god itself is evolving
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    Thank you very much. Are there any articles on the topic?
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    The Superman

    by Sri AuorbindoOriginally published under the title of
    The Type of Superman,
    Vol. I, No. 9 (April, 1915) of the Arya

    • The ideal of the Superman has been brought recently into much notice, some not very fruitful discussion and a good deal of obloquy. It is apt to be resented by average humanity because men are told or have a lurking consciousness that hereis a claim of the few to ascend to heights of which the many are not capable, to concentrate moral and spiritual privileges and enjoy a domination, powers and immunities hurtful to a diffused dignity and freedom in mankind. So considered, supermanhood is nothing more important than a deification of the rare and solitary ego that has out-topped others in the force of our common human qualities. But this presentation is narrow and a travesty. The gospel of true supermanhood gives us a generous ideal for the progressive human race and should not be turned into an arrogant claim for a class or individuals. It is a call to man to do what no species has yet done or aspired to do in terrestrial history, evolve itself consciously into the next superior type already half foreseen by the continual cyclic development of the world-idea in Nature's fruitful musings. And when we so envisage it, this conception ranks surely as one of the most potent seeds that can be cast by thought into the soil of our human growth.

      Nietzsche first cast it, the mystic of Will-worship, the troubled, profound, half-luminous Hellenising Slav with his strange clarities, his violent half-ideas, his rare gleaming intuitions that came marked with the stamp of an absolute truth and sovereignty of light. But Nietzsche was an apostle who never entirely understood his own message. His prophetic style was like that of the Delphic oracles which spoke constantly the word of the Truth but turned it into untruth in the mind of the hearer. Not always indeed; for sometimes he rose beyond his personal temperament and individual mind, his European inheritance and environment, his revolt against the Christ-idea, his war against current moral values and spoke out the Word as he had heard it, the Truth as he had seen it, bare, luminous, impersonal and therefore flawless and imperishable. But for the most part, this message that had come to his inner hearing vibrating out of a distant infinite like a strain caught from the lyre of far-off Gods, did get, in his effort to appropriate and make it nearer to him, mixed up with a somewhat turbulent surge of collateral ideas that drowned much of the pure original note.

      Especially, in his concept of the Superman he never cleared his mind of a preliminary confusion. For if a sort of human godhead is the goal to which the race must advance, the first difficulty is that we have to decide to which of two very different types of divinity the idea in us should owe allegiance. For the deity within may confront us either with the clear, joyous and radiant countenance of the God or the stern convulsed visage of the Titan. Nietzsche hymned the Olympian, but presented him with the aspect of the Asura. His hostile pre-occupation with the Christ-idea of the crucified God and its consequences was perhaps responsible for this distortion as much as his subjection to the imperfect ideas of the Greeks. He presents to us a superman who fiercely and arrogantly repels the burden of sorrow and service, not one who arises victorious over mortality and suffering, his ascension vibrant with the triumph-song of a liberated humanity. To lose the link of Nature's moral evolution is a capital fault in the apostle of supermanhood; for only out of the unavoidable line of the evolution can that emerge in the bosom of a humanity long tested, ripened and purified by the fire of egoistic and altruistic suffering.

      God and Titan, Deva and Asura, are indeed close kin in their differences; nor could either have been spared in the evolution. Yet do they inhabit opposite poles of a common existence and common nature. The one descends from the light and the infinity, satisfied, to the play; the other ascends from the obscurity and the vagueness, angry, to the struggle. All the acts of the God derive from the universal and tend to the universal. He was born out of a victorious harmony. His qualities join pure and gracious hands and link themselves together naturally and with delight as in the pastoral round of Brindavan, divine Krishna dominating and holding together its perfect circles. To evolve in the sense of the God is to grow in intuition, in light, in joy, in love, in happy mastery; to serve by rule and to rule by service; to be able to be bold and swift and even violent without hurt or wickedness and mild and kindly and even self-indulgent without laxity or vice or weakness; to make a bright and happy whole in oneself and, by sympathy, with mankind and all creatures. And in the end it is to evolve a large impersonal personality and to heighten sympathy into constant experience of world-oneness. For such are the Gods, conscious always of their universality and therefore divine.

      Certainly, power is included. To be the divine man is to be self-ruler and world-ruler, but in another than the external sense. This is a rule that depends upon a secret sympathy and oneness which knows the law of another's being and of the world's being and helps or, if need be, compels it to realise its own greatest possibilities, but by a divine and essentially an inner compulsion. It is to take all qualities, energies, joys, sorrows, thoughts, knowledge, hopes, aims of the world around us into ourselves and return them enriched and transmuted in a sublime commerce and exploitation. Such an empire asks for no vulgar ostentation or golden trappings. The gods work oftenest veiled by light or by the storm-drift; they do not disdain to live among men even in the garb of the herdsman or the artisan; they do not shrink from the cross and the crown of thorns either in their inner evolution or their outward fortunes. For they know that the ego must be crucified and how shall men consent to this if God and the gods have not shown them the way? To take all that is essential in the human being and uplift it to its most absolute term so that it may become an element of light, joy, power for oneself and others, this is divinity. This, too, should be the drift of supermanhood.

      But the Titan will have nothing of all this; it is too great and subtle for his comprehension. His instincts call for a visible, tangible mastery and a sensational domination. How shall he feel sure of his empire unless he can feel something writhing helpless under his heel, -- if in agony, so much the better? What is exploitation to him, unless it diminishes the exploited? To be able to coerce, exact, slay, overtly, irresistibly, --it is this that fills him with the sense of glory and dominion. For he is the son of division and the strong flowering of the Ego. To feel the comparative limitation of others is necessary to him that he may imagine himself immeasurable; for he has not the real self-existent sense of infinity which no outward circumstance can abrogate. Contrast, division, negation of the wills and lives of others are essential to his self-development and self-assertion. The Titan would unify by devouring, not by harmonising; he must conquer and trample what is not himself either out of existence or into subservience so that his own image may stand out stamped upon all things and dominating all his environment.

      In Nature, since it started from division and egoism, the Titan had to come first; he is here in us as the elder god, the first ruler of man's heaven and earth. Then arrives the God and delivers and harmonises. Thus the old legend tells us that the Deva and the Asura laboured together to churn the ocean of life for the supreme draught of immortality, but, once it had been won, Vishnu kept it for the God and defrauded the fiercer and more violent worker. And this seems unjust; for the Asura has the heavier and less grateful portion of the burden. He begins and leads; he goes his way hewing, shaping, planting: the God follows, amends, concludes, reaps. He prepares fiercely and with anguish against a thousand obstacles the force that we shall use: the other enjoys the victory and the delight. And therefore to the great God Shiva the stained and stormy Titan is very dear, --Shiva who took for himself the fierce, dark and bitter poison first churned up from the sea of life and left to others the nectar. But the choice that Shiva made with knowledge and from love, the Titans made from darkness and passion, -- desirous really of something very different and deceived by their stormy egoism. Therefore, the award of Vishnu stands, to the God shall fall the crown and the immortality and not, unless he divinise himself, to the proud and strenuous Asura.

      For what is supermanhood but a certain divine and harmonious absolute of all that is essential in man? He is made in God's image, but there is this difference between the divine Reality and its human representative that everything which in the one is unlimited, spontaneous, absolute, harmonious, self-possessed becomes in the other limited, relative, laboured, discordant, deformed, possessed by struggle, kept by subservience to one's possessions, lost by the transience and insecurity which come from wrong holding. But in this constant imperfection there is always a craving and an aspiration towards perfection. Man, limited, yearns to the Infinite; relative, is attracted in all things towards their absolute; artificial in nature, drives towards a higher ease, mastery and naturalness that must for ever be denied to her inconscient forces and half-conscient animals; full of discords, he insists upon harmony; possessed by Nature and to her enslaved, is yet convinced of his mission to possess and master her. What he aspires to, is the sign of what he may be. He has to pass by a sort of transmutation of the earthly metal he now is out of flawed manhood into some higher symbol. For Man is Nature's great term of transition in which she grows conscious of her aim; in him she looks up from the animal with open eyes towards her divine ideal.

      But God is complex, not simple; and the temptation of the human intellect is to make a short cut to the divine nature by the exclusive worship of one of its principles. Knowledge, Love whose secret word is Delight, Power and Unity are some of the Names of God. But though they are all divine, yet to follow any of them exclusively is to invite, after the first energy is over, His departure from us and denial; for even unity, exclusively pursued, ceases to be a true oneness. Yet this error we perpetually commit. Is it Love, in whose temple we adore? Then we shut its gates upon Power as a child of the world and the devil and bid Knowledge carry elsewhere her lack of sweetness and remoteness from the heart's fervour. We erect an idol of Power and would pass all else through the fire of Moloch before its sombre and formidable image, expelling Love with scorn as a nurse of weaklings and degrading Knowledge to the position of a squire or even a groom of Force. Or we cultivate Knowledge with a severe aloofness and austerity to find at last the lotus of the heart dulled and fading -- happy if its more divine faculties are not already atrophied, -- and ourselves standing impotent with our science while the thunders of Rudra crash through and devastate the world we have organised so well by our victorious and clear-minded efficiency. Or we run after a vague and mechanical zero we call unity and when we have sterilised our secret roots and dried up the wells of Life within us, discover, unwise unifiers, that we have achieved death and not a greater existence. And all this happens because we will not recognise the complexity of the riddle we are set here to solve. It is a great and divine riddle, but it is no knot of Gordius, nor is its all-wise Author a dead King that he should suffer us to mock his intention and cut through to our will with the fierce impatience of the hasty mortal conqueror.

      None of these oppositions is more constant than that of Power and Love. Yet neither of these deities can be safely neglected. What can be more divine than Love? But followed exclusively it is impotent to solve the world's discords. The worshipped Avatar of love and the tender saint of saints leave behind them a divine but unfollowed example, a luminous and imperishable but ineffective memory. They had added an element to the potentialities of the heart, but the race cannot utilise it effectively for life because it has not been harmonised with the rest of the qualities that are essential to our fullness. Shall we therefore turn round and give ourselves to Power with its iron hands of action and its hard and clear practical intellect? The men of power may say that they have done a more tangible work for their race than the souls of Love, but it is a vain advantage. For they have not even tried to raise us beyond our imperfect humanity. They have erected a temporary form or given a secular impetus. An empire has been created, an age or a century organised, but the level of humanity has not been raised nearer to the secret of a Caesar or a Napoleon. Love fails because it hastily rejects the material of the world's discords or only tramples them underfoot in an unusual ecstasy; Power, because it seeks only to organise an external arrangement. The world's dischords have to be understood, seized, transmuted. Love must call Power and Knowledge into the temple and seat them beside her in a unified equality; Power must bow its neck to the yoke of Light and Love before it can do any real good to the race. Unity is the secret, a complex, understanding and embracing unity. When the full heart of Love is tranquillised by knowledge into a calm ecstasy and vibrates with strength, when the strong hands of Power labour for the world in a radiant fullness of joy and light, when the luminous brain of knowledge accepts and transforms the heart's obscure inspirations and lends itself to the workings of the high-seated Will, when all these gods are founded together on a soul of sacrifice that lives in unity with all the world and accepts all things to transmute them, then is the condition of man's integral self-transcendence. This and not a haughty, strong and brilliant egoistic self-culture enthroning itself upon an enslaved humanity is the divine way of supermanhood.
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    That's news to me.
    I don't see how God can evolve. In Sri Aurobindo's system, evolution only applies to created beings. The goal of that evolution is a return to the original Divine state.

    Also, although Aurobindo, Yogananda and other modern masters have spoken of evolution, it seems more traditional hindu schools dismiss the whole idea of evolution, as do ISKCON for example.
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    I don't like to think evolution has any specific goal in mind. Common evolution states that we are a product of chance, and I fear that other interpretations usually suggest that we are somehow superior to other living things.

    I'd be interested to know how Jainism's stance differs. Is it a little less rigid (concerning evolution)?
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    Well, that's evolution. If we weren't considered superior to other life forms on earth, then it's hard to see what evoltion could actually mean.
    The problem comes in because the modern theory of evolution, originated by Charles Darwin, is based on a purely material view of the cosmos. Within the usual scientific scheme, there is no place for God.
    Various spiritual techers have taken the concept on board, but in a modified form.
    Generally, Hindu philosophy tends to take a kind of 'circular' view of things - we have descended from the Divine and to the Divine we will return. That is where Hindu philosophers have seen evolution fitting in to the scheme.

    As for Jainism, I've no idea.
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    Whatever their other differences, the advaita and dvaita schools agree on the basic premise that God is eternal, unborn, undying, and transcendental to material nature...therefore not subject to forces such as evolution.

    Prabhupada's teaching, distilled into a few words...all species of life exist either in what we perceive as reality or in the subtle "cosmic blueprint" and that individuals or jivas are drawn to the species that fits their level of spiritual advancement.

    SP did strongly criticize the prevailing scientific idea that life began by chance from a post-big-bang primodial soup and then evolved as a totally material process into complex organisms. He pretty much dismissed the idea of macro-evolution but I think was open to the idea that evolutionary changes take place in established species.

    SP's grand-guru Bhaktivinoda Thakur was a Vaisnava mystic and intellectual of the late 1800's, much in the same progressive spirit as Sri Aurobindo and Yogananda. He was certainly not closed to the concept of evolution that began with Darwin's theories...IMO, SP was considerably more conservative in his thoughts regarding science than Bhaktivinoda. Currently, ISKCON is rigidly conservative and scripturally literal in this regard.

    In any case, SP's overriding contention was that science usually left God out of the process.
  10. BlackBillBlake

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    Spook - I based what I said about ISKCON rejecting evolution on a magazine I had off them some years back 'Origins' which sought to present arguments that evolution is simply a material illusion, or at least a mistaken idea.

    Something I'd like to mention is that Sri Aurobindo said there are actually two quite separate but connected lines of evolution taking place. On the outward, physical level is the evolution of life forms posessed of increasingly complex faculties of consciousness.
    The other line of evolution, he says, is 'soul evolution'. The evolution of the soul through the various speices of life as per Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
    What Sri Aurobindo thought is that a new speices will evolve from mankind who will be far ahead of us in their consciousness, a so called 'supramental race'.

    Whatever one thinks of that idea, I think the two lines of evolution have to be distinguished here - because soul-evolution it seems to me is intrinsic in most lines of Hindu philosophy and yoga. Through successive incarnations, the soul evolves and eventually returns to God.
    That process is quite separate from arguments for and against evolution as the mechanism by which all these life forms have been produced.

    My own view is that I simply don't know if evolution of speices is true or not. It isn't proven, but there is a lot of evidence. Also, there are problems with the evidence and even the feasibility of it in some cases. If evolution is true, then I still think it is a process guided and overseen by a Higher Intelligence.

    I am sure though that inner growth and evolution are real.
  11. spook13

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    Bill...yes, no doubt whatever physical evolutionary processes that are operative are guided by a master spiritual intelligence. I've always thought that SP's teaching about spiritual evolution through a divinely established hierarchy of species was very interesting and quite plausible sounding, but have never gone along with the notion held by many in ISKCON and by numerous conservative Christians that scientific theories of physical evolution are "demoniac" or "satanic"...to me, they're just the result of data and evidence observed and analyzed. People and institutions that demonize pure science do so from motives other than spiritual...it's more like their very existence is threatened...take away Adam and Eve and Orthodox/Fundamentalist Christianity no longer has a compelling philosophical reason to exist. Things haven't changed much in 1,000 years.
  12. BlackBillBlake

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    I agree. The idea held by some that evolution is demonic/satanic is ridiculous.
    It's true as well that often attacks on science come from people who are seeking to prop up an untenable position.
    But also there are Christians who are not so closed minded on this. The Catholic philosopher Teilhard De Chardin is one prominent example. His ideas are not actually that disimilar to Sri Aurobindo's - everything is evolving towards God. And in general, the Catholic church no longer frowns upon evolutionary theory (provided divine guidance is behind it) or science in general.

    I think scientific knowledge is valuable. How it gets applied in terms of technology etc is another question. However, I feel that the materialist type world-view that science has helped promote in many ways is a dead end for mankind. It seems to leave people empty of real values. It leaves a vacum at the heart of human society.
  13. GanjaPrince

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    Upward Spiral; Evolution on Earth
    In our current stage of evolution there is the process of getting on the bus. Being on the bus is living in mystical experience. It’s a daily in the now experience of the one consciousness where it’s all US and you simply continue to merge, BE US or B-US. Through this inner realization, those “on the bus” work full time to form a group mind on earth, where all the people of the earth work with the group consciousness of humanity through knowledge of this one consciousness. This connects the BUS to the hive mind of billions and billions of alien hive mind civilizations that have worked out the whole being one trip. In fact alien abductees have reported that the aliens helped them, “surpass any human bond and generate a sense of oceanic oneness with the universes that rivals any experience of a world-class meditator.” The key concept of non-dualism is a clear leap in experience for not only human beings but all life. The alien civilizations assisting our bus have clearly resolved the dualistic issues of their species enough to help others while we still fight, struggling with duality. It is clear that evolution of the life-forms in this universe is geared towards getting on the bus. Thus, all the conflicts in religion, in society, in family, and between friends all happen because people are living in this psychotic delusion, staying off the bus, which is the Self-induced psychosis of getting lost in a dream of separation. It is not too much to understand how people waking up into one consciousness and perceiving this will lead to the changing of such conflicts. This is found nowhere in the discussion of evolution and biology, leaving many issues unresolved. How did we evolve to this situation of those both on and off the bus, and where is Darwin in all this?
    The way it is will now answer the all important questions of earth’s past and earth’s future, in which the truth of evolution must be examined. According to mainstream science, life begun from a single cell, and through natural selection which is a random non-directed process, life slowly evolved. This idea comes from a basis in materialism and falls apart with the truth of channel 3. The problem with random mutation idea is that most mutations, “are harmful, very few are beneficial (with respect to surviving in the environment).” Change goes toward both complexity and simplicity, thus “it is hard to see why there is an evolutionary arrow time that favors complexity.” Also mutations occur at gene levels but consciousness, “selects macroscopic features, called phenotypes.” Directed mutation was “first discovered by Cairns et all (1988) certain mutations in bacteria seem to occur at much higher rates when the mutant phenotype has clear environmental selective advantages,” clearly not random, and defeating most Darwinian thought. There is direct evidence of, “creative behavior in the evolution of single cells” as well in research done by Rubin.
    Also this points to gene mutation being “quantum processes of sufficient ambiguity that propagate as coherent superpositions of possibilities.” These are amplified to the macro-level so that “only when consciousness sees a meaningful pattern emerging deserving a phenotypic expression, do the wave functions collapse.” This brings together creationism and evolution in a wonderful way. It’s almost like watching the creation of music, different chords are used, mistakes are made, but eventually the right tune is found and pretty soon there is a hit single or a species that has a good chance of making it. We must abandon the idea that the earth was created in 6 days, but we can know that it is a creation through evolution. This shows what a messy universe this is when we look at species sufferings, extinctions and so on. From my tuned in understanding the first conscious life is the stars themselves, who radiate their oneness with all, and self regulate through complex chemical process. They have sense awareness far beyond the capacity of life on any planet. The next form of life is the planets themselves that begin to grow what we know as cells and life forms through “rapid quantum evolution as well as gradual Darwin evolution.”
    Since we are dealing with humanity in this section, let’s skip ahead to the dawn of man and the great year cycle. In this examination I will bring together astrology and evolution in starting with what I call The Garden of Eden. Human beings eventually evolved from the slime over periods of gradual evolution and swift quantum leaps, to a small population of hundreds of advanced ape people that lived around 60,000 years ago according to studies of mitochondria DNA. We were ruled by women in this time because women, as well as pure blood Africans, were/are genetically designed to be better rulers of men, who did have more of a destructive aspect. In this state we basked in the simplicity of one group consciousness and lived as friends to all animals. Our group tribe mind was never in danger; there was only playing and little in fighting.

    The account in the bible of Genesis describes this state and why it didn’t last. Sri Yukteswar teaches, “Genesis is deeply symbolic and cannot be grasped by a literal interpretation.” The apple at the center of the body was the forbidden experience of sex. For in the Garden of Eden state of being, we never had sex even though we did, everybody just played with each other while being fulfilled in the simplicity of being one with it all, basking in the presence of channel 3 in the here and now. As simple ape people, we had no understanding of the connection between playing and creating more people, which is why women were seen as more powerful due to reproduction. The serpent represents energy while Adam is reason and Eve is feeling. The desire for the energy that comes with knowledge fueled by of ever evolving complex brains, forced us to understand that sex was connected to reproduction. Once men understood this, their awareness shifted to the apple and they became fixated on power and sex, in their lower chakra systems. Women became property to fight over and a whole range of issues came up. It was a decent into lack of group cohesion and tribe warfare formed around dominant male figures. In a sense the battle between good and evil had begun. This is linked to the cycle of the great year.
    This long cycles of the great year are highlighted by extremes in group consciousness harmony, Golden and Dark Ages in a 24,000 year cycle linked to humanity’s struggles to form civilization starting with the fall of Eden. The precession of the equinox was very important to different astrological sciences in varied world cultures, each finding this great cycle and seeing that it affects the minds of humanity. There are myths of cultures ruled by God-like men, because it the times since Eden, it has been spiritually advanced men mostly that have ran civilization by harmonizing the group vibe of the scene. An example of this would be the Egyptians that built the pyramids with their minds.
    Some really far out scientists are proving that precession of the equinox that causes the cycles in group consciousness are due to a binary partner to our sun which is gravitationally bound. It’s “an observable fact that the Earth’s spin axis, and therefore the point of equinox, does change relative to the fixed stars (inertial space), currently at the rate of about 50.26 seconds. This mere fact couples with beautiful introspective inquiries leads to the unavoidable conclusion, of a brown dwarf hard to spot star that modern day technology has missed because get this, it is purposely hiding from us in this dream that we perceive of as so heavy. So this binary star system astrological configuration is a player in the evolution of humanity. So instead of a cycle or Darwinian gradual decent, it is an upward spiral towards heavens of unknown. It is now evident in the realm of truth that, astrology nor evolution is not the master of the spiral, channel 3 is the master.
    Let us now focus on modern times and specifically on America since I live here, I will deal on the Bus’s progress in America herself, the land of the free and home of the brave as an example of how the bus is rolling. I feel that America is filled with a minority of people on the bus, but the bus’s effect have been clearly changing the face of religion. One of the first questions about the bus is how many people are on it? This is a difficult one to answer. According to recent surveys there is a range from 20% to 74% of the population “claiming to have some sort of significant mystical experience.” According to Maslow who researched these high experience of the general population found that this mystical experience commonly includes “the whole world is seen as unity, as a single rich live entity” It is clear that some of these people developed this unity experience, and began to live on the bus, through being in the now. This impacts all of society through its vibrations that those on the bus produce, a vibration of unity as shown in the Transcendental Meditation studies featured earlier in this paper. This vibration impacts not only the violence, but the role of religion.
    While people “on the bus” can be from any religions or no religions, simply it depends upon the person’s experience of consciousness rather than their social role. However there are more visible organizations that promote the bus. “Perhaps the most important sector of this ‘new age’ religious phenomenon included the various organizations that constituted the human potential movement.” According to surveys as many as “10 percent of the population become involved in them in one way or another” This is a clear change, for the mystical tradition and experience of unity has often been only available to esoteric sects, cults, founders of religion that were much smaller in number. This more open acceptance of such movements is the result of the bus’s vibe.
    In America a lot of people got on the bus during the modern counter-culture movement in America which started with the Merry Pranksters. The most famous Merry Prankster, Ken Kesey, came up with the BUS metaphor about working together, group consciousness, living in that “all is one” state that LSD showed him and his friends. The group gave out free acid to hundreds of people at “acid tests” and rode further into the now in a freaky colored bus all around America, inspiring the counter-culture to begin. This movement that gave off the vibe of unity was linked together with progressive politics in some circles, showing how social action and forming the earth mind are intimately connected. Religion went from being an empty belief system that one inherits into, “the era was, to turn Aldous Huxley's phrase, a collective opening of the doors of perception” which is about experiencing the one consciousness rather then just believing in religious teachings that point toward it. The movement was and is “mystical, anti-rational, a flight from materialism, as well as youthful, idealistic, utopian, and transcendent.” Although some who have experienced the counter-culture got off the bus or never came on, many continue to live in this awareness, and there are plenty modern hippie types on the bus. The counter-culture had an “emphasis on higher consciousness” that in the beginnings was mostly associated with psychedelics and the now, but the popularity of “meditation, a central practice of growth” appealed to those that wanted to be more in the now, because it clearly worked for some people.
    The effect of the vibration of unity is found is every day life, I experience it in witnessing certain people that are obviously on the bus, even though they have never studied mystical techniques and so on. Thus to some a church may look normal, but if you interact with the people one might see that a few of them though they play the social role as a Christian, are experiencing the truth what the religions points towards, the one consciousness. Thus religion instead of being a belief system that one buys into becomes more of one’s part in the dance of life, while being on the bus going here now, and increasing realization of the one consciousness through your very being. Hunter talks about progressive circles of religion preserving diversity, practicing religious tolerance, and bringing people together on the common ground. These types of changing attitudes are evidence of the Bus’s influence within the church, for it is clear the progressive end of the western religions in America are most vulnerable to the unity vibe.

    “People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense.” – Ken Kesey
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    I would have read your post if you hadn't put that huge picture in it. It's not worth scrolling back and forth 200 times to read something or changing my screen resolution or changing my hipforums settings temporarily to block images... Dang people should not put those huge annoying pictures in. Keep 'em small. :p
  15. GanjaPrince

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    Got rid of the picture for you, it twas funny, but since you had an interest in reading it.
  16. Kharakov

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    Thanks for the read. :)
  17. white_raven

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    The idea that evolution is "a product of chance" is misleading; natural selection is certainly anything but random, selecting against traits that do not allow for reproductive success.

    Also, although many people unfortunately interpret evolution as something which has made humans a superior species, this is also a logical fallacy. Humans might have superior conscious ability, but all in all superiority is irrelevent in evolution; humans are dead in the water if not for the biodiversity that sustains the ecosystem.

    On the subject of evolution of God; Brahman is eternal and unchanging, but the entire universe is a manifestation of Brahman, so in effect evolution would simply be the material manifestation of Brahman to a non-understanding consciousness.

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