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    i've generally found while tripping is wonderfully enjoyable, it doesn't have great benefits if you can't settle down, focus on yourself and explore your mind........which i've usually found rather difficult to do. when i trip its as if i have the mind of a child - full of wonder at the beauty, grace and newness of the world, but easily distracted at the same time. i just want to listen to music, run around and play, smoke pot, etc. and i come down and the trip was great but i don't tend to take enough with me into my everyday life from it.

    how do you generally quiet your inner self and reach some more meaningful planes of existance?

    so far, my best method is to lay in my room quietly, maybe soft music, in my waterbed and stare at the ceiling or close my eyes and (attempt) to meditate. however, no matter how great this is, i can't bring myself to do it for extended periods.

    any suggestions?
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    I´d say, it depends on the substances you use for trippin.
    Psilocibin and Mescaline are always good for inner excursions, as well are some reasearch chemicals, e.g. 4-HO-DiPT, or my personal favorite for meditation, 2C-T-4 (which is (as far as I know) still legal in most countries (but may fall under the analogue act).
    Learn Yoga or Tai-Chi, this may help you on your inner excursions.
    A warm bath can give you relaxation, this often is quite helpful.
    And you could look at meditative pictures, I prefer mandalas and fractals.
    The right music is also very important. Ever heard of a german band called "Schiller"? I love their music while flying to heaven...
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    breathing tecniques help alot.. being in the quiet dark (or low soft instrumental music.. or with guidance words, for ex/ meditation tracks, and of course some tim leary tracks)

    but you should practice.. often as you can.. and that means while sober and all... dont 'talk' in your head.. often I will tell myself 'goodbye' and shut my mind off right after that.. or if a thought comes forward, just accept and dont ponder on it.. remind yourself you are going within yourself.. and there no reason to be scared or anxious of yourself... sometimes ive turned on an air conditioner or a fan so all I could hear was that droning noise... and I'd just concentrate on that.. or on the 'ringing' in your ears.. listen carefully and you'll notice each ear is a tad bit different.. study the sounds.. allow them to vibrate through you... 'daydream' or imagine yourself in a tropical rain forest.. in shallow pools of jungle water on a misty spring morning in the amazon.. picture yourself as a bird flying above the treetops at sunrise among a great northwestern forest... dont try and 'rationalize' or 'explain' or 'label' anything.. just take it.. accept it.. most things will come with their own 'implied' meaning or message.. communication becomes out of the boundries of language.. it could also be something symbolic that you may not figure out for a month or 2...

    you'll be surprised.. alot of times you will all of a sudden realize.. your not where you were.. but dont fret lol.. 'panic' is common place here once you get through.. let the panic go.. float downstream, wave goodbye to your ego, tell it that you'll be back shortly.. once you 'break' through.. you'll be amazed at how easy it really is... and its going to be a completly uncomfortable (most likely) feeling when you 'shift'.. and quite often you'll get a scent of something 'burning' so that can scare ya a bit if you have candles or something going in reality lol...

    completly relax every muscle in your body.. and slip right out...

    practice was probably one of the keys for me.. not only did i learn 'what to do' (if you wanna call it that) but also you get more comfortable with the 'effects' (becuase crazy shit will happen when you are sober doing it...)

    but just enjoy.. be happy.. love yourself

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