high dose of calea zacatechichi

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by doubledtrapezoid, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. most of the trip reports for calea zacatechichi that i see are only in the 1-5g range, and usually dont report to much of a remarkable effect... so i am thinking of eating&smoking a half ounce in a few hours or at once.. figure by the time i go to bed ill feel great. by eating i mean ingesting somehow not making the tea.
    would this be worth it or pointless?
  2. yes but the tea of calea has a really bad taste to it, so use lots of honey or sugar. if you want to avoid the taste of it, pack it into capuses, or just smoke it, then get ready for the most vivld and best dreams of your life.
  3. i did a half oz. the only time i tried calea...quite nice, i remember while passing from awake to asleep i was reduced to my most simplistic form, a mere vibration. my entire spirit was vibrating intensely...pulsating with the frequensy of the universe...one of the most amazing feelings ever.
  4. did you make it a tea?
  5. i did...but it tasted so bad i almost puked after every swallow
  6. calea tea is a really bad idea
  7. i recieved my 1/2oz of calea today ($7 on ebay)... havent tried it yet, but i'll post here after ive done it. looks like its going to be a lot to ingest... the directions it came with said its enough for 4 doses.. but im going for the whole thing. i chewed a leaf to see how it tastes, and i can imagine the tea would be close to unbarable to drink.. so well see what i do and what happens...

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