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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by towelie21, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. towelie21

    towelie21 Member

    I noticed a lot of people on here still live w/ their folks and don't really have good hiding spots for their shiz, so here are my old spots, hopefully they can help you.

    Drop tiles: a lot of basements have em. just pick a tile, push it up, and stash on the one next to it

    Old electronics: got like an old CB radio or nintendo or something you dont use? Open it, gut it, and youve got a nifty container. BTW, dont destroy an old NES unless it really doesnt work, that'd be a sin.

    Christmas storage: Hide it with the ornaments, usually workes for 10 months of the year. but dont forget about it, or your mom's gonna wonder why the angel's eyes look so red.

    Bean bag chairs: Unzip, load, rezip.

    what does/did everyone else use?
  2. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    I gutted my ps2 (didnt work anymore), and restored the parts that are visible from the outside (buttons, fan, etc) so it looks normal on the ground, but ya lift it up and its the perfect place to put your whole stash. Works very nice for me. I'm sure this works with any other electric device as well.

    Theres a million good hiding spots.. you just gotta find em'
  3. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    hmmm. here is what i have experimented with.

    a bible case on the shelf. they usually would never even think twice about you putting something as "sinful" in a bible case

    a VHS video tape case, the plastic ones that fold open(usually for Disney movies)

    a wooden box under my bed

    a shoe box under my bed

    under the bottom drawer of the dresser

    gutted an old big ass webcam.

    and so far everything as worked for me
  4. EMMAh

    EMMAh Senior Member

    I hide mine either in a basket under a bunch of papers or I just leave my tin on my book shelf, I used to collect tins so my mom thinks nothing of it.
  5. towelie21

    towelie21 Member

    thats cool. i like using altoid tins
  6. Jahagafut

    Jahagafut Member

    I bought a classic 1967 car(I won't mention the model for a distinctive reason, mainly because it's the only type of that car in my town). And in the trunk, there's this makeshift carpet all over the place, it's chunks of carpet that aren't attached properly and you can open it, so the back, looking at it from the side sort of goes

    The / is where the bump is for ...part of the car>_> I peel that carpet open, and stick it in the _/ and pull the carpet over the _/' part, I have a pipe, some screens, a backup lighter, backup incense in there, it's all in a bag from the store 'San Francisco' If it's found I will blame it on the previous owner. As for the actual pot, the full trunk layout is like so
    The first | is the very back of the car, the second | is the back of the seats, keep in mind, this is looking in from the side. Now, in the \| part, there is no carpet, but there's weed, covered by a piece of carpet I stole from the front, I fit it really nicely and glued it in, leaving only a tiny opening in the carpet that, to get at, you have to get in the trunk, reach in, and twist yourself around(I'm luckily skinny and 6 foot 3)

    :) Then it's well hidden, the pipe always has a lid on and no pot in it.

    I still live with my parents and don't fully own my car, and need to be pretty covert^_^
  7. The_Javican

    The_Javican Member

    i have a smell proof bag about the length of my keyboard, and it fits perfectly under. it can fit about a half and still stay on the desk properly
  8. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    well, i use the printer- open the bit where you add new cartidges and shove it in there, although my place changes often
  9. The_Javican

    The_Javican Member

    i've taken the back off of all my speakers... that way i can put stuff inside of them if need. also inside of your computer. if you cam fit a couch in your room, inside couch cushions is good
  10. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    For chicks, a tampon/maxi-pad box.
    I knew a girl who "smuggled" small amt's of bud from Canada into the U.S. just by stashing it in her box of tampons when she crossed the border.
  11. Jyles

    Jyles Member

    I just place my stash, bong and hydro and shit in a large container and put it in my closet. If my rents look in it, i yell at them for looking through my room. Just bury it under many clothes and you should be fine.
  12. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    i broke my arm once, and i kept the cast and i have a container in it holding all my stuff. i also have an almost empty deoderant and i open the bottom and theres a big enough spot for it.
  13. I hide mine in... nevermind my parents are always checking my history and shit. haha
    They're crazy.
  14. SagaciousKJB2

    SagaciousKJB2 Member

    Well, I have a lock-box that I keep in a hard-to-see corner of my closet. That houses it on rare occasions, but most of the time everything is just kept in a small stash box that I either place under my "desk" or in my computer.
  15. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    i keep mine in a magnetic key holder. you can stick it anywhere. anywhere metal that it... it has some of the strongest magnets that i have ever handled. and it can hold up to a quarter. i frequently change the spot that i stick it too.
    look around your room, you cant tell me you have no where to hide this in you messy stoner rooms. get creative... glue a picture to the front of the magnetic container and magnet it to a metal stud in your wall...wala.. instant magnetic picture frame, that also conceals your weed.

    it make it essayer and sayer to travel with weed too.. just stick it under the bumper of your car.
  16. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    i just took the lightbulb out of my lava lamp, and stuff my stuff in there. if it wont fit, like my bong or vaporizer, i put it in this little toybox thats in my room that i never open.
  17. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    I know this is an old thread but I just needed to share my wisdom (haha) for those of you in/ going to college. I use to keep my pipes and stash directly underneath all of my sex toys. I had the whole scene planned out if my room ever got searched: I would scream "NO! NOOO!!! Don't look in there!!!" as they reached for a drawer and security would be all " AHA! We've caught you!!!' Then they would open the drawer to find a myriad of vibrators and dildos and lube, look at me, I would hang my head in embarassment, they would shut the drawer slowly and leave. Ingenious, I know.Hahaha
  18. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    well thats good since i own all sorts ov vibrators and dildos
  19. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    hollowed out the wall behind the baseboard in the closet.
  20. SirPsycoSexy

    SirPsycoSexy Member

    i hollowed out an old book no one ever touches in the shelf.

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