Hidden Reality

Discussion in 'Writers Forum' started by iscreamchocolate, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Your outlook on reality changes... Sometimes it doesn't. I guess. What is reality? Is it your soul? Or is it your own physical being? Is reality, that heart inside you that thumps blood? Is reality your mind? Is your mind reality? I think reality is your mind, how you see things. How you don't see things... Then again most people only see what they want to see. They try to hide everything that's bad, they choose to ignore it and only see the good side in life. Maybe it makes that person have an easeir life... Maybe it helps them, thinking that way. I like to think both ways. The evil darkness and the happiness. My mind see's many things in an abstract point of view. example: you see things that other people see, yet you like to look at it from a different perspective and see what it could be. Or what it can be. Full of hidden secrets buried under a bunch of different perspectives or hostility. Seeing things in shapes, colors and forms. The formation of different things. The unformation of other things.
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    I think reality is far too complex for the human mind to begin to comprehend, and that no philosophy or religion has come anywhere near defining "reality."
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    Reality is an individual interpretation of the information that our mind allows us to absorb.

    For example, right now I'm looking at a rotting banana peel. Some people may look at this banana peel and wonder why it hasn't been tossed out. I look at this banana peel and see an object that is just waiting to be drawn because of the way it is decomposing.

    Whenever we look at an object, smell a certain scent or even feel the caress of a lover's hand millions of thoughts, emotions and physical reactions happens to each individual in it's own unique ways.

    This is my reality on answering the question "What is reality?" ......now I'm going to get something to fill my BELLY ;)

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