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    hello everyone.

    hmm...where to start... well, i stumbled on this place surfing the net at 3am and i like it here, so i think i'll stay a while. any objections?
    i believe the shift key to be overrated and don't use it all that often to make capital letters...i hope this doesn't bother anyone.

    here's a little about me:

    i live in new jersey and it's *COLD* here. my basic plan for life is this:
    go to florida for a while (this should be happening soon). take a road trip to the west coast (i'm supposed to be leaving april 19). when i get back, then i'll worry about going to college to become a sign language interpreter, getting an apartment, and continuing with my basic vital existence.

    well...i'm not really so great at this kind of post, so i'll just leave it at that for now.

    *goes and eats some fungus*
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    Welcome to hipforums! Don't worry so much about your first post, but hope to see ya around alot.
    I've been here for a year...a friend got me hooked on this site when I lived in AZ, and now I'm back in NH.
  3. cerridwen

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    :) hello & welcome :)

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