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    Hi everyone, I'm glad to finally have registered here. I have used the site for research before, but I've never posted anything until today. One of the main reasons I chose to use this forum instead of others similar to it, is because it doesn't seem as if everyone is a stuck up know-it-all, and also because we do not have to use "SWIM".
    I'm an eighteen year old male from the South side of Indianapolis, and my name is Joey. I enjoy recreationally using a variety of substances, mostly pharmaceuticals. I am young, but all of my teenage years have been largely devoted to research into mind-altering substances, either through personal trial, and/or researching online and learning everything I can.
    When I was fourteen years old, during a time I was heavily experimenting with hydrocodone, I had an intervention from my parents. I immediately became the black sheep of my otherwise "perfect" family, shunned and labeled as a drug addict. After the intervention, I was to be sent to an outpatient drug abuse treatment center, but two days before I started, I overdosed on Coricidin Cough and Cold, and was admitted to the hospital. From there, I was sent to Fairbanks inpatient rehab center, and everything went downhill from there. Instead of being a drug user, they brainwashed me into believing i was an addict, and taught me how to be a drug addict and not get caught.
    Now, four years later, I have more experience under my belt, and I know I am not an actual addict. Currently in my life, I'm getting my shit together and becoming the man I should be. I live with my girlfriend, who I love with my whole heart, and without her I could very possibly be dead by now.
    Of all the drugs I have done, my favorite opiod is oxycodone, my favorite benzodiazepine is xanax, and my favorite stimulant (and favorite drug altogether) is focalin. I also smoke marijuana on average about five days out of a week, and smoke cigarettes daily. I also "robo-trip" heavily about one time a month, usually doing 4-500 mg of dextromethorphan HBr, as well as using one bottle of Delsym alongside it. I went for a period of nearly a year and a half smoking synthetic cannibinoids almost daily, not smoking only approximately 20 days in that year and a half. In the period I was using synthetic cannibinoids, I also had a four month long binge in which I would use DXM every day, and I would use focalin alongside it about 50 percent of the time. I only quit using DXM after I noticed it definitely impairing my cognitive function.

    Sorry for the novel, also known as my life story, but if you took the time to read it thanks :D I know I will have a lot to contribute to the Hip Forums :)
    Send me a message any time, I love meeting new people.

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