Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by high anxiety, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. high anxiety

    high anxiety Banned

    Hi, Im high anxiety. Highly strung as the name suggests. Hope to get some peace soon....am drinking camomille tea with 2 tea bags in it and had a browse at the wilderness thread. I feel so much calmer now. Got to forget the coffee. It hasn't done me any good. Hard to leave behind, but I have to. it's making me a nervous wreck. Anyways, peace peace and more peace is the order of the day. Love to all.
  2. Redneck66

    Redneck66 Member

    Howdy and welcome in
  3. DrummingJoey

    DrummingJoey Member

  4. Spiral Sea

    Spiral Sea Member

    welcome to the forums.
  5. deepblue897

    deepblue897 Member

    hey, learn and search the breath exercises. have a shower every day. do walk or run 30 minutes a day. have a pet, a cat may cure you.. do art thearpy, draw, write..

    look at the stars and stay calm.. ciao..
  6. high anxiety

    high anxiety Banned

    Thanks everyone. Yes deepblue, im doing just that. I stretch, i run and do gym, have 5 pets...useless artist...I look at the stars and the full moon and feel like the things that are happening in my life must belong to someone else. It's so bad I can't assimilate it....anyway thanks for helping me find peace.
  7. deepblue897

    deepblue897 Member

  8. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

  9. high anxiety

    high anxiety Banned

    Thanks deep. I appreciate the song. Thanks jj for the welcome
  10. deepblue897

    deepblue897 Member

    youre welcome man, you said youre an artist, what do u create?
  11. high anxiety

    high anxiety Banned

    i have done a series of out there little sketches with captions a bit like lunig. eg i drew a picture of a little man standing over a hole in the ground, his brain is in the hole. The caption reads "deep thinker". That sort of thing. Other than that i write, but have to be inspired which is hard with children and my studies. Im a perfectionist so unless the setting is perfect, mood right etc it's not up to my own expectation which is high.
  12. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    hello and welcome!

    maybe we could help you with your anxiety, if you would like

    you could start a thread about it

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