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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by saffronfrancisburnet, Jan 30, 2005.

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    for all who see and read within these words...

    indulge my state,this moment i bare.
    upon page,my fingers diffuse.
    timid smile,eyes within.
    carry the soul,i hold firm.
    say so much,reply to this.
    body waits now,soft rays i bare...

    intact i feel,let thoughts play.
    swollen tongue,words fallen moaning.
    tasted friut,under feathered skies.
    carry the stars,i hold on for.
    tainted you may see,gone to far,
    touched to long,body swollen,
    waiting ,soft rays we bare....

    thank you
    i have not been here for a while
    not read anyones peotry so will
    be doing that later....
    love n peace to all
    be whole and free to choose....
    from saff
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    I liked the sentiment, had trouble getting the right flow on it. Reading it aloud helped alot. Liked the first stanza the most. Thanks hun!*~
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    7 Angels"
    I set out from galio
    thats were I saw him thier
    the fog came down before me
    the air was barely thier
    shadows seemed to dance
    In a frightning kind of way
    he tried to invite me in
    but it was hear that i wanted to stay

    the first angel took me by the hand
    led me threw a road of stone
    I watched as they put scores on the beast
    burnt its flesh down to the bone
    the next two were like pools of blood
    killed the lives with a massive flood
    from the pool your lives I drank
    He said its what you and I deserve.
  4. littleskinny

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    ok Coldsunn. You are shameless. Well done. Good for you. Now pick up your shit and never dump it in someone else's thread again. Or at least have the savvy to create something new, rather than posting the same thing twice..... *shakes head*

    Saff - this was gentle...diffuse fingers I like. Like the way you're playing with words, and light.

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