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Discussion in 'Politics' started by LuciferSam, May 24, 2004.

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    Anyone who's seen this year's batch of presidential campaign commercials knows that almost of them begin with "Ah'm George W Bush, an' ah approve this message..." or a similar statement by Kerry. Has this been done in previous elections, because I don't remember this before. It's not a real biggie but it's kinda annoying, doesn't seem to have much point. Are they thinking the viewer is going to react something like "garsh... George Bush/John Kerry approved this message... it must be true!"
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    Due to the facts that I'm neither from America nor do I know your campaign commercials I can't answer your question, but maybe the opponent of the person saying "i approved..." did do a spot with this person when he said something wich makes the people want to elect the opponent... for example, imagine Bush said "Oh fuck kill all those gay people" - a spot with this could be used by Kerry. Or you show a picture of Bush and a voice from the off sais something like "oh, don't elect me again " or somethin like this, you know?

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