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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by evinway, May 3, 2007.

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    If you define "Prophet" as someone who reorganizes the non-physical realms. It seems to me that it was by default in the sense that I was "so open" that too many non-physical beings were in a position to learn about the human condition and I finally worked my way out of that circumstance while some responsible beings took action to fix things and many of them seemed to like me and agreed to work with me over the period of my next five life times to try and help human kind. I volunteered about 19 months ago once things seemed to be taking shape, well, and I was sort of asked. It's a wild story.

    Please, feel free to read some ramblings of Knowing Person and Being Person, links from my home page if your interested.

    I'm curious what others might have to say. I had difficulty figuring out how to express myself so I made up these characters. Enjoy!
  2. Smoke on! Smoke on!
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    Hey there, and welcome to the forums! I'm Lauren :)
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    welcome on board.
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    welcome to the forums :)
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    Hello evinway & Welcome to the forums.
    You'll find many here who would like to mentally spar with you.
    Peaceful thoughts your way.... Farmout :)
  7. Hey evinway, would love to have a talk with you sometime.
  8. evinway

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    If you don't mind, it's a good idea to consider what your referencing when you use words. For example, it might be more useful to say your declaring "love" on ignorance. War is oriented to violence, love is oriented to healing as a manner of considering what you would like to see occur and be associated with your good intentions.

    Also, I honestly doubt that you are in a position to responsibly conduct yourself in a waring manner.

    Another example, if you used the word "charity" or "understanding" you would be safer from the vulnerabilities associated with the word "love" in the sense that you probably haven't developed a manner of "inherent love" to the extent necessary to be successful with your intentions to heal humans from ignorance.

    and sure, I'm interested is conversing from an anonymous position because, well, it would take too long to finnish that explanation, ya, where would you like to converse?

    Be well.
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    I am glad a prophet is among us. :)
  10. The "war on ignorance" quote stems from my feelings a few weeks back regarding a lengthy discussion on the subject of war. The thread is called "war is not human nature" and the logic I used is that war is not a product of natural human aggression alone but it is really tool employed by higher powers to gain power and control through the manipulation and "brainwashing" of the masses. The common man, the soldier, in a war is not the driving force, having more in common with a game piece. The ideal soldier, from a military perspective, does what he is told unquestionably, he plays his role. The individuals actually responsible for the planning, organization and declaration of a war rarely have any part in the combat and violence that actually take place. I think that wars are no longer borne out of anger any more, but greed and personal gain.

    The quote was put there in anger. We all feel anger, and I'm not entirely sure if anger is such a useless and inherently negative emotion. I think it can be used to motivate and energize one to do common good. One can feel angry about homelessness and starvation and then do something about it. The quote does not imply a threat of violence towards individuals displaying what I perceive as ignorance, but anger and intolerance towards the state of ignorance in general. The shutting off of one's mind from learning new information about themselves and the universe and a general resistance to self awareness and change is how I'd loosely define it.

    It's very common in my country, the United States of America, and I think my governing body prefers it that way because they strongly believe a nation of millions of self actualized beings would be very difficult to control. That's a big issue of mine. I believe that if you give power to the people, they will try to do good. Many believe the opposite, that we must all be protected from ourselves. It does become an issue of faith I think, and you either have faith in human potential or you don't. You either think we should all be free, or you believe that we need these limitations thrust upon us to keep us a manageble size. That is the one political issue where I think there is no middle ground, and you are on one side or the other. You either think we'll always need limitations and restrictions for all eternity, or you believe we are capable of someday ascending to a higher plane of existence (maybe not now, or even in a hundred or more years but someday).

    I personally think it would be the ultimate shame for a species with as much potential to understand the universe as man to limit themselves to an existence of such a small scope. I was given an imagination and I'll use it, consequences be damned. No one will ever limit it but myself. When I see others refusing to use it, it makes me angry. Or maybe frustrated is a more precise word.

    And thank you for drawing my attention to the quote, if it's truly projecting aggression and negativity from my sig with every post. But know that it was done in a impulsive "these people are so hell bent on clinging to war, I'll give them a war" thought process, and was not really a summation of who I am and what I believe.

    Or maybe it subconsciously is. ;)

    The "would like to have a chat" statement was not mean as a throwing down of a gauntlet but a "would love to talk to you sometime and at some point on the forum, in one discussion or another". I have a feeling it may have come across as a challenge.

    PS I realize my somewhat young age and opinionated manner might rub you the wrong way. I'm aware of it, and also of how absurd I might sound, but I think sometimes you need to challenge and prod and be impolite to get an honestn and impolite response in order learn yourself.

    I know I'm sometimes impulsive and I say things I shouldn't, that are even hurtful sometimes, but I'm constantly learning and shaping my perception of the true state of the universe, shaving off the cultural dogma and the otherwise unneccesary propaganda and distractions. Always trying to find new things to eliminate from my "this is the way of the universe" philosophy and to understand why I hold the values and beliefs I hold in the esteem that I do. I believe to my credit that I've gotten rid of much in a short span of time compared to many of my peers but also that I have a long way to go to truly understanding how ignorant I am myself.
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  12. evinway

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    I like going through life intending not to have any opinions in my beliefs. I hold purpose and intention in my beliefs.

    I will describe an in-accurate perspective of the non-physical realms that participate in the interplay's of human beings. I say in-accurate because my view is limited to my conditionality as a human being and what I understand is limited to learning about dimensional realities from non-physical beings who have different perspectives of realities.

    After passing it can take up to 75 years for a recently passed "human soul"
    to pass from the "humans" final resting place into demensional realities that are rationally logical from our present human perspective. Once a being moves on from it's "final resting place" it is welcomed into a demensional reality that is the start of a 300 to 200, on average, journey to becoming a human being again.

    An example, vague explanation, of this process includes drifting through demensional realities, evolving to new and/or different dimensional realities every 5 to 25 years or so, sometimes a few weeks, where one is typically amongst like minded beings that exist in that demensional reality with a "mysterious" awareness of that dimensional reality as being guided by a being who isn't in the process of human birth and death, a being that has evolved to that level of accountability and responsibility.

    The many varied demensional realities that beings who are in the process of life and "death" amongst human beings are vaguely described as having perceptual abilities of about 5% of what human beings perceive, in relation to what human beings perceive, while having perspective of "how" they have been since descending to earth to be in the round of births and "deaths" as a human being.

    When a being descends to earth to experience the "human" realities, their perceptive ability is limited from who they were prior to descending to earth while having a sense of where in the universe they "originated". To achieve freedom from the "human" realities is quite an accomplishment and entitles beings a level of freedom that we might consider having achieved the choice of residing in Heaven for awhile, or returning to the place of origin to help things along there.

    The value of "good" or "love" is little different than values for "evil" or "hate" aside from "humans" being oriented to those manifestations in "human consciousness" in a way that the manner that "consciousness" of doing "good/evil" is oriented to levels of popularity based on valuing "pleasant" experiences which is determined by one's places of origin prior to descending to earth. It's a matter of agreeing to exist within the demensional realities on earth and figuring out how to promote "health" in all manners of being based on perceiving "life" from the standpoint of being limited to the perceptive reality of that carbon based life form that is in the command of the soul that inherits the "blessing" and opportunity of ""being" a "Human Being"" (enlightenment or sainthood for example).

    The manners of forgiveness or understanding of the choices humans make creates a gentle orientation to existence in the non-physical realms until one frees oneself from ones manner of being in a round of births and deaths, which takes typically 300 to 30,000 years, after that one might hope to have gained the ability to do beautiful/ugly things, depending on the place of a souls origin. Ones manner of achieving Sainthood or Enlightenment or Demonhood is a manner of learning how to be "good" and gaining a perspective that enables a being to create good fortune "for the benefit of all beings" in a greater amount of instances as one has a greater ability to "do unto others as others would like" regardless of what they do to you.

    It's a manner of evolving vibrational awareness which can vaguely be considered empowerments/freedoms to allow 'harmony' with greater orientations to existence and time.

    Vague but a new perspective that could be useful.

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