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    The aztecs always self-conscious aware that they were latecomers in the dramatic story of the valle of mexico.

    They were hunters and gatherers and then the olmec civilization arised who built a series of temples and started adoring idols, the gods of fire because of all the volcanoes, etc.tlaloc and quetzalcoatl

    they splendor ended when the chichimecs or barbarians killed their leader, after that, the toltec culture rose, to rule those highlands, but meanwhile the old gods were kept alive.. They were masters of wisdom, skilled artists and craftsmen.

    The aztecs came from obscurity lifting themselves from misery to might, surviving calamitous misfortunes, enduring the most extreme hardships to prevail in the worst times.

    Seven groups of chichimecs with their leaders came out from the 7 caves, keeping the toltec culture alive. The aztecs were the last to leave with their leader huitzilopochtli

    the aztecs built themselves land defeating all the people who wanted to keep them as slaves. Poor leadership could never be tolerated more, they had proved themselves as warriors, they glimpsed what riches could conquest bring.

    Their city had quarters, with bridges, and suburbs, canals. State and religion combined their highest manifestation at one place.

    Nezahualcoyotl believed in one god, the lord was everywhere and believed that life was just a passage of the human existence

    due to the misfortunes they had sacrifices were essential, to celebrate day and night, rain, corn and the sun, they had flowery wars were they only fought solely for prisoners .

    Children learned practical households as early as possible and recited litanies of their duties that came from ancient times. They were taught to be moderated people, righteous and humble. And education was extremely valuave and was a must. Ppl had to b well educated. Mexica education produced young people thoroughly trained to mexica ideals of conformity religion and war. To honour the nobles is more important than bein rich.

    The formality of long speeches. People confessed their sins to tezcatlipoca. Slaves were a responsibility for their owners, they were not citizens how ever only the uncorrigible were sacrificed. Slavery was a punishment earned by crimes or debts and they might regain freedom and their children were born as free citizens. They had a mobile society.

    The majority of the mexica were the workers. The artisans were in their guilds and had their own neighbourhooods and society distribution.

    The rulers were regarded as the mother and fathers of the empire.

    The spanish destroyed everything and replaced all the idols with the virgin mary. The aztecs had the costume to give everything and their best goods to the visitors and guests so they did with the spanish although moctezuma had been giving them double messages. You have arrived to your mexico and they housed them in the best buildings they had, women, food. The spanish wanted to take away the shrine of huitzilopochtli and be replaced with the virgin, they agreed if they had both shrines in. They knew if they had anything was thank to the gods, and therefore they should value it more than anything, to the contemporary socieciety is job, and a sustent and the aztecs managed to sruvive and to "build themselves land" no matter what the situation was like. Mexico revels in remembrance of its distinguished past. If the facts were confusing the sentiments was hearthfelt.

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