hi!! i´m going to california!:)

Discussion in 'California' started by carolinia, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. carolinia

    carolinia Member

    hi! how are you? ^^

    i´m a spanish girl and i´m going to california for five weeks with a family! i´m very excited but i´ve got a bit of fear , cause i´m only 15! but anyway i´m sure that i will have a very good time there. :)

    i would like to know the californian culture before i go, so please tell me everything that you want!

    and you can add me to your messenger too!

    well , good bye!:D and i´m sorry if this text is not correct at all...!)
  2. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    hey there! you'll have a great time! do you know which part you're going to? california has a lot to offer. everything is in full bloom right now too.
  3. carolinia

    carolinia Member

    hello!! :)
    i´m going to oceanside. i have seen some photos and it´s a beautiful city!
    nice to meet you!
  4. homie241

    homie241 Member


    Oceanside is a beutiful place. My mother in law lives there. Just be sure to lock your doors by the beach. The pier is nice and has a nice restaurant that I recommend. the people are nice and the US Marines have a base there. San Diego is thirty minutes away headed south. If there are any questions of the area let me know. The weather is nice it is getting to the hig 70s but gets a little cool in the evenings right now. So bring a light jacket. You will have a nice time. take care.

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