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    Hello. This is my very first post here. I joined because I like to know as much about what i may or may not put in my body. For saftey and enjoyment. I take opana er 40 er twice a day for chronic cancer pain. But I have been a recreational user for years prior to the cancer smancer appearance. I have found that snorting the opana ers is the #1 way to go with this stuff. I was at first disappointed that my doc switched me from 80 mg oxys to this new opana drug. But I am now pleasently suprised that I am now happy with the switch. So if anyone needs any help or infor about opana or pretty much any other opaite, feel free to ask me. I know way more then i should about such things. Ive also used meth, coke, crack, and other substances in the past. but now i mainly stick to the opana. this is because i enjoy it the best and also for health reasons of course. Glad to be apart of your group. ---shell4830
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