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Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by blonde4yourparty, May 22, 2007.

  1. i have 3 pics up but here's another. not naked, i love those heels....
  2. you're freaking gorgeous
  3. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Very Nice.
  4. KL71

    KL71 Yanks since '81/Fins since '83 :)

    Nice pic you've got there! WOW! :)
  5. rebelfight420

    rebelfight420 Banned

  6. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    I think I saw an Angel. Let me make sure and look again. LOL

    You're a beaut, mate.
  7. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Riggs! Oh!
  8. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    No, more like .. yeah, baby ! Sorry. What was the question again? LOL How do we like your shoes? Oh, who cares about the shoes, love. LOL

    My question us.. how do you walk in those things?
  9. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Like guys walking on a thread in circus, learning how to survive..

    You looks really beautifull, dont kill too many guys too soon though..

    Gee! I am the alone woman who has answered that thread!

    Gods knows why..
  10. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    second that
  11. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    At the risk of being called jealous, i think blonde4yourparty is most likely a old, perverted, fat man or a horny teenage boy who somehow got access to some girls pics. I mean it just seems too convenient for a like a really hot girl to be addicted to sex, attracted to teenage boys, and to make threads about it on an internet forum? I dunno just seems unrealistic.

    Besides she looks older than 18. Maybe 21 or 22.

    And i don't mean to pry but your boobs look really big, I'm assuming they're implants. There's nothing wrong with that, I would get some if I had the money. But my question is how did you afford those bad boys at 18? I've been trying to get a loan for plastic surgery since i turned 18 and got denied countless times. But if your boobies are real than holy shit! You have good genes.

    But hey if I'm wrong and that really is you than wow you are gorgeous! You should try and get into playboy or modeling or something. You could make a ton of money with that body and face!
  12. I duno. I sniffed a faker to start with but now i think it might be genuine. Im 19 and although my face looks a lot younger, i could probably make myself look that "sexual" if i so desired (which i dont) I used to have smallish boobs but recently theyve come up 2 cup sizes, so yeah they look a bit like the girl in the pics...

    But its the ladys personality id be concerned about, reading the posts (likes boys under 14, wtf?). Although, with pics like that, the majority dont seem to care:)

    They can call us jealous, were just saying what we see. But id say she was real
  13. Wait, scratch what i just said...ive just read more of "her" posts, in one she claims to be 16 but her age says 18. And youre right, those pics are of like, a 22 yr old. So yeah, its a big fat bloke pulling one off in his chair, basically
  14. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    I will say YOUR pic is georgeous. Thats a real cool picture you got there.
    Was it you when you were young?

    sorry to interrupt the thread but I found more interest in yours..LOL!

    If the girls on the pics, isnt the one who posted them, then i hope she doesnt come here, or she will be really pissed off to have her naked body put like that online..
    I am a bit in doubt about how and why a girl that age should come in a hip forum to post pictures of her naked body.. doesnt make sens at all.
    Why not in a teen forum or a more porn like forum, or meeting forum?

    So maybe it is a fake, well the one that posted them. But she is definitly not fake..((-:>

    I dont believe a nice girl like that will want to expose herself here, and do so in her first posts in here. Sounds akward. And to dont reply at all to any of the comments made about her.

    <like brew said to me before, in here there is 99% of cool people, and 1% of usual freaky/normal/nasty type.

    Maybe thats a one % share we got there..:& :drool: :dupe:
  15. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    She looks good, but big boobs doesn't make the woman. I would never ask a woman to get bigger boobs for me. 1. She doesn't need big hooters to please me. 2. I can't stand to see a girl in pain.
  16. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    I dont think it was what they were talking about here baby..
    the question was more if that girl was the one who had posted those pictures or if it was a guy posting pictures of naked girl..
    without her knowing it..
  17. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    I was talking, baby, so back off, or I'll hit you over the head with my cig there, love. LOL
  18. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Are you trying to offend me?[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Kiss me instead! the feeling is much greater, you'll see![​IMG]

    Because I love you, baby! [​IMG]
  19. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    No, honey, just being cute. Ok, you hit me with it then. LOL

    Go ahead..hit me with you best shot. Make it hurt so good. LOL
  20. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    I will never do such a thing. i am for Peace and Love, not game and hurt.

    I wasnt after oyu, i was helping you, it isnt the same. It is call kindness. Did oyu forgot that baby? I dont think you can anyway.. you are so sweet always..

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