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  1. Adam Morrison

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    Hey Guys

    My name's Adam Morrison (No relation to Jim Morrison as far as I know) and I'm in 8th grade. If I'm not working out, swimming, or doing something along those lines, I'll be listening to music. I love Classical Rock, and ever since I was 12 it's all I've been listening to, with the excpetion of Christian. I hate this cold weather, and I want it to be summer so I can go outside more and swim and just have fun. I also want to move to the Netherlands, perferably Amsterdam, where all soft drugs (marijuana, lsd, shrooms, etc) are legal. They expand your mind, and they're really not that bad for you. Trust me. You can call me a hippie, because in my book, a hippie is simply a person who loves and respects nature who opposes all forms of government (conservatives [republicans] anyways), and just wants to have a peaceful world to live in. That explains me. If you want to know more, add on me on MSN: adam_morrison67@hotmail.com Peace :]
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    Hello Adam Welcome to the forums .
    good to have you here , PEACE.

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