Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by BtownBlazer, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. BtownBlazer

    BtownBlazer Member

    hey guys im still on my break but im stopping by real quick,this kid at school offered to smoke a blunt with me, this is what he said "this is purple cat piss it doesnt even smell like weed", i just looked at him and walked away.
  2. DonVito

    DonVito Senior Member

    hmmmm i know alot of people that say that alot of good weed they have had smells alot like cat piss. i guess ive had a few kinds of weed that kinda smell like it but i still dont think of that first. has anyone on here had any weed that kinda has that cat piss smell?
  3. pushit

    pushit One jive Motha Fucka

    No, I have only had weed smell like weed, it just smells stronger the better it is for me.
  4. nesta

    nesta Banned

    if i'm not mistaken, improperly cured bud will often take on a strong ammonia type scent. this would probably make it smell a bit like nasty urine, and then the normal scent of the weed....

    i could totally see some funky but improperly cared for bud smelling like cat piss....

    may still be strong. might be less healthy to smoke.

    i dont really know....

    but that is a funny thing to say. reminds me of the old labrador bit....
  5. DonVito

    DonVito Senior Member

    yea i know it doesnt unless you really try to compare it i only noticed that similarities after i smelled cat piss. again its really rare to have pot smell like cat piss. i have smelled it thought and it was really bomb dank shit. full of crystals one hit and your baked as hell. its not like its bad smelling its just what some kinds smell like. i never believe it either but all my friends have told me and showed me so now i do....
  6. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Like nesta said, if it's not dried and cured right, it smells like piss.
  7. InfernoMunky

    InfernoMunky Member

    weed that smells like awesome skunky skunkness.... god i love the skunk
  8. DonVito

    DonVito Senior Member

    yea its crazy how alot of pot has a really light scent of skunk that smells awesome!! when it comes to an actual skunk smell though its horrible unless you smell it from a long long long ways away. i dunno the shit that my friends have told me about and the shit that ive smelled and seen personally that smelled like cat piss was good stuff. also it didnt smell like straight up cat piss it just had a similar smell. it was a good smell and if you didnt know what cat piss smelled like i doubt you would be able to tell. it still smelled like weed it was just really pungent and strong compared to other types or weed.
  9. Mother's Love

    Mother's Love Generalist

    Hey, what's in
    this shit, man?
    Mostly Maui-wowie,
    But it's got
    some Labrador in it.
    What's Labrador?
    It's dog shit.
    Yeah, my dog ate
    my stash, man.
    Had it on the table,
    and the little
    motherfucker ate it, man.
    I had to follow him around
    with a little baggie
    for three days
    before I got it back.
    Really blew
    the dog's mind.
    You mean we're smoking
    dog shit, man?
    Gets you high,
    don't it?

    I think it's even
    better than before, you know?
    I wonder what Great Dane
    tastes like, man.
    Ah, man.
    That's some
    heavy shit, man.

    Yeah, that was great....
  10. BtownBlazer

    BtownBlazer Member

    i think he was sayin the strain was "purple cat piss".
  11. chugtonio

    chugtonio Member

    The different smells of weed give me a 'weed flashback'
    Each time I smoke I get a whiff of the weed and each distinct smell reminds me of a certain time in my life (since I started smoking)
    That mindset sticks with me throughout the stone, I love it
  12. I've had purple cat piss a few times. It does give off a faint ammoniac scent, but it still smells like weed.

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