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    "When someone is banned from this site, it can be temporary or permanent depending upon the nature of the infraction. We do not tell people how long they are banned for. In fact we don't discuss anything with those who are banned. We don't allow others to discuss the banned, or our banning policy, which is clearly stated in the forum guidelines that all members must agree to before they are given access to post on the forums.

    We have very good reasons for this policy.

    "1. Those who are banned usually have had complaints lodged against them from other members."

    So what? Is everyone supposed to get along with everyone? You're stupid.

    "2. We have spent time investingating the complaints and have usually (but not always) given the person a warning."

    No you haven't. I got banned for BEING flamed one time. I told the person to fuck off and I got banned for "excessive langauge and personal attacks" yet the other person cussed up a storm, and because of your fuckwad policy of "not investigating bans", no one ever listened to my side of it and the fucker got of Scott free. You suck.

    "3. The person continued to violate forum guidelines, after being warned, and then more complaints were lodged, and more investigation, then they finally got banned."

    Yea but if they weren't warned, this is moot.

    "4. This means we have already wasted a lot of user, mod and admin time checking out this person and their behavior."

    Not really. I've had accounts that I behaved rather well on banned just for having a different opinion from Maggie Sugar or some well-standing member.

    "5. Therefore we certainly don't want to waste even more time with those who demand explanations, complain about our ban policy, incite others to complain, then start more threads demanding more explanations, and the process of just one ban never ends for us."

    Well you're certain wasting more time in banning me than if you'd left me alone. :)

    "6. We cannot keep this site in the state it is in if we have to justify every ban to any and all."

    Oh come on. It's once in a blue moon that you even see "Banned" under a username. You're just making excuses for being lazy and thoughtless in yoru actions.

    "7. If you don't agree with our ban policies, then that means you don't agree with our forum guidelines and your account is subject to immediate termination at our discretion."

    Hitler "banned" people that didn't agree with him, either. Tell me Skip; are you German?

    "8. All of this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Free Speech on this site. It has to do with enforcing our guidelines, and allowing us to do our job unhindered, keeping this site free from trolls, flamers and personal attacks."

    If someone wants to flame, that's free speech, moron. :)

    "9. This site is what it is because of these policies."

    So you admit your site sucks because of your policies?

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