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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by cricketlind, May 22, 2004.

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    Howdy: I like the new format but its aggravating that I lost the
    e-mail address of an old friend and can't locate him in the new
    member list. Tried the e-mail search engines and no luck. He
    probably just hasn't tried to login lately. I grew up in OKC and
    I spent a lot of time at Memorial Park with all the hippies. My
    brother hit Woodstock. But my mom wouldn't let me go at the
    last minute. So, though I don't consider myself OLD I guess the
    younger generation thinks I am. So, I guess I am just saying Howdy
    and is there any one that used to hangout at Memorial Park back
    in the 60's? Or any of you that have hit the Ocala, FL regional.

    Peace and blessings of Mother Earth

    the cricket
  2. poor_old_dad

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    I've been aroung a while too. But I don't think of it as "old", I think of it as "I've been at the party longer".
  3. hippietoad

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    Hey ya Cricketttttttttt :p

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