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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by tiedye0420, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    hey bro we dont want to bug you we know you are busy but;
    we have to get a grow facts area a.s.a.p. somehow we must collaborate to pull this together.
    the repettitive questions are driving quality growers like mean away, people are arguing over it [ me included, but there is never a good reason for slamming someone wanting to learn] and all in all the whole ambiance of the new site is going to hell in a bucket, and most of us no longer enjoy the ride.

    have you got the new hipforums together enough yet to collaborate with some of us to get a faq section going.
    even if you lifted some of the old info from the original site it would releive this pressure.

    i dont know what else to say or who else to ask , so i guess that's my 2 cents
    except that something has to happen fast.
  2. --Hey Howdy TD! Check it out. -Theres a reason no administration takes any intrest here. -A while back I posted a thread here because I was talkin with Jorge C. over at OG and he asked me if I could let Folks here know that he was inviting everyone here at his site over to OG because he wasnt gonna be commin around here no more cause he liked it better at OG. -Thays why we aint gettin no attention. -Were SQUATERS! :) -There waitin for us to leave so they can board the fukin place up! -I got a fealin that when the rent runs out were all gonna be outa here. :) --But annyhow... -Thats whats up. :)
  3. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    hey lumpy
    well i mostly hang over there anyhow, them folks are pretty cool once ya get to know them.
    whats your handle again
    mine is the same there.
    this sucks my usb cable is broke, i cant post pics anywhere. and i been working 7 days a week so never seem to get time to go into town.
    time to do massive rips my back is locked up on me.
    yeah i remember your thread bro, i was hoping a second plea might get us some attention now that the new forums are going strong.
    all is not lost we have only to gain.
  4. Hery TD! :) -Im Lumpy over there too. -I aint got any current threads goin on over there rite now but I been hangin in the hash forrums developin some hash makin skills! :)
  5. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    yeah buddy
    i got the bho thing down from there, got a extractor that holds about a quarter pound of bud trim. im runnin low i gotta make some more soon
    thanks for remindin me i think im gonna scrape the baby food jar a little, do some oiler rips. that'll cure my back, but the hot shower i just took did wonders for unlocking it, now i just need to chill. bho is just the thing
    [ the old school cali hippies i know around here kinda gave me a reputation recently for making 70's style honey oil- thanks to o.g.- and my actvist buddy who showed me his extractor last spring]
    cool rappin with you bro
    im gonna chill.
  6. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    That's not all quite true. Jorge was on overgrow for awhile, but he's not contributing there much anymore. He is working on a book with Overgrow, but he already has his material so don't expect much more input from him there. He's so busy writing books & articles for High Times, he doesn't have much time left to write & answer questions in the forums.

    On the other hand, the forums here are starting to take off again, and I've finally added the subforums again. The mods should be adding FAQs too. We've improved the performance of our server drastically to accomodate more traffic, so this forum should start rocking like never before..
  7. --FAR FUKIN OUT BRUDDA!!! :) -Damn Skip! -And just when I thought this place was gonna die! -What a PLEASANT surprize :) ! Im real glad ya put this effort into this joint. -I read all the stuff ya did with the servers an teck stuff and I shure am glad ya did. -I really thought this place was gonna die. -I shure am glad ya saved it, -Im prety shure thats what ya did! -Anyhow.... -Thanks again, -and the subcats are excelent!!!! :) -Im smokin to ya rite now Skip!!!!
  8. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    That's what im talkin about!
    good job I was away for a few days, just started surfin this new forum last night and from what I have been able to see you did a double damnn good job!
    thanks a million and may god bless you and yours.
    Hey lumpy see what a little faith in your fellow man can do ! I figured there was too many new members coming around for this place to die, just needed a little organizing.
    and a special thanks to meangreen, i've noticed he has been taking time to get some FAQ's toghether for us.
    that should make it simple for new kids on the block.
    So they wont drive us old timers crazy.
    Im loading up a big fat nug of NLxKush right now THANKS TO THIS SITE, and someone who need not be mentioned here.
    it's good to come home and find things in order and more comfy to kick it in!
    thanks ya all!


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