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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by serra, May 17, 2004.

  1. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    ok, so i claim empress of queen of the MDMA forums, and i nominate xaosxflux to co run the joint with me! hee hee, just kidding kids.

    just seems that we answer the same questions all the time, so i'm going to write all the answers i ever give RIGHT HERE, and refer people back! hee hee hee.

    HOW TO DO E:

    1. know your source. know your body. know you mind. and know this site. www.erowid.org ; go and do your reading before you ask anything.
    2. you will be greatly influenced by your surroundings. be with good people. have some good music. and have some fun.
    3. drug dealers are sketchy. know yours.
    4. drugs mixed with other drugs can screw with you. know what you are doing. once again; www.erowid.org
    5. serotonin and 5-HTP are your friends.
    6. water is your friend. but too much water is not.
    7. don't have anything productive scheduled for tomorrow.
    8. meth is not your friend. raves are. because raves are cool.
    9. MDMA and heart problems/kidney/liver problems/ depression/ MAOIs/alcohol are silly things to mix together. please think before you do.
    10. RESPECT MDMA. it is a special gift and if you abuse it, it can abuse you.

    thanks for tuning in and have a PLUR-er-RRRRiFiC day! =)
  2. AreYouExperienced

    AreYouExperienced American Victim

    :D Thanks, nice list, hopefully this will help out some of the younger experimenters. ;) I'd also like to reiterate the point about good music.. music can really affect your mood while rolling, so make sure you've got your favorite tunes lined up. Happy rolling!
  3. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    don't worry about ingesting too much water. the more the better. it HELPS you. your body NEEDS it.
  4. do you think dancesafe.com is a reliable enough website?
  5. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Ooo, pretty colors. :p *lol*

    Actually, it's been discovered that H20 is neither healthy or harmful in your body; it's a neutral substance, that, in excessive dosages, can cause electrolyte dissolution causing hallucinations and severe problems in your nervous system. Enough of that, though.

    Anywho, maybe you should add a few things:
    -MDMA does NOT cause holes in your brain, nor give you Parkinson's disease
    -There are no such things as "double" and "triple"-stack pills; these are simple marketing schemes, just look over them

    Erm, yeah, that's about it. ;)

    [edit]@SuperMagnolia: DanceSafe is extremely reliable; however, there are definite procedures to follow when looking up pills on Dancesafe, EcstasyData, PillReports, etc.:

    -Look for nearby metros; if it's not in-state, it's no good to you
    -Look for submission date; if it's not been submitted within the past 2 months, it's no good to you
    -Look for pictures and/or descriptions that match your pill to the slightest touches; look for scores (breaklines on the back of the pill), whether the pill is stamped or imprinted, and most of all, speckling; EXACT color and overall quality of the pill are mainly effects from mishandling from your pusher, and shouldn't be taken into consideration, so long as they match the basic guidelines of the pill being described. [/edit]

    Have fun. ;)
  6. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    how the fuck are you defining healthy? try not ingesting any water for a while and see what happens. it is NECESSARY FOR LIFE. it's the reason there is life on this planet. and most ravers are not going to consume enough water to cause hallucinations. eight glasses a day is the recommended dosage, more if you're drinking caffeine/alcohol or using diuretic drugs. noone is going to hurt themselves at a rave from drinking TOO MUCH water. too many people get hurt drinking too little.

    and whether or not MDMA is neurotoxic is UNKNOWN because the dumb bastards fucked up the test.
  7. xaosflux

    xaosflux Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    First (((serra)))! "You may not give any more reputation points to Serra at this time!" :(

    re: water::
    eight glasses a day is recomended..but 8 glasses an hour is NOT....drink when your thristy, drink when youre in the chill out room (sip dont gulp) drink when your sweating, dont drink compulsevley because you were told that you must drink all the water you can...

    Drinking TOO much water is harmful as it depeltes your body of things that it needs as it is flushing all the water out of you.
  8. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    awww *blush* hee hee. :)

    too much water theroretically could make a person sick. if you are at a party and dancing hard in a hot room and on e, then it's not bloody likely that you are going to overhydrate youself. a good tip to always remember is: GATORADE. i NEVER drink this stuff normally, nor do i generally endorse consumption of evil corporation type bevvies, but DAMN. this stuff was soo amazing for me last weekend. i had an upset stomach (kinda indigestion/heartburn type thing) and i kept drinking water to try and make it better. it didn't help, didn't help, and eventually someone offered me some gatorade or poweraide or whatever and it made me all better.

    my point being, that it is important to mix in other kinds of healthy liquids like juice (mmm) because... i'm not all dietician here, but your body sweats out salts and things and these drinks can help replace them! (and also they taste hella sweet!) :p
  9. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Exactly my point, Serra and Xaos, thanks for teh backup. ;)

    No H20 is NOT healthy for you. Look at ANY bottled water...and tell me what the fxcking "Nutritional Facts" say. You know what they say?

    0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0...and 2000% daily diet of....you guessed it, 0.

    And too much can cause nervous system problems...I'm not going to get into it all again, UTFSE.

    Like Serra said, drink something healthy, unlike water, and more like...OJ, or sparkling apple juice is a favorite, and expensive, drink of mine. ;)
  10. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    i like sparkly peach juice personally myself. the "life" brand which is carried in shoppers drug mart particularly - it's under a dollar for a litre and tastes super good and has like 4 calories in a bottle! mmmmm..... peach.

    (i'm drinking one right now!)
  11. xaosflux

    xaosflux Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    MMMMMMMM Blue Powerade R0cxers!
  12. day_tripper77

    day_tripper77 Member

    um.. actually, you can die if you drink too much water just as easily as when you dont drink enough. when you drink too much water, it depletes the level of salt in your body.

    the second time i rolled, i had already drank a lot of water due to cotton-mouth, and then my friend found out that i hadnt eaten in several hours and made me eat a cracker, which only made my mouth more dry so i drank even more water.. luckily all that happened was that i puked up water and cracker crumbs...

    something like gatorade or powerad is good because it helps keep your electrolyte levels up.. juice is good also - personally i like orange juice best.. but, i wouldnt reccomend replacing water with sports drinks or juice, just alternate. after you finish your first bottle of water, have a glass of juice or whatever... or if you stick to plain water, eat something salty every once in a while, like a cracker or a chip or something just to be on the safe side so you wont become overhydrated..

    happy rolling:D
  13. JiveViper

    JiveViper Member

    One thing to add about gatorade. I recommend buying the powder then mixing it on your on. Only mix about half to 3/4 the amount it says on the box thing into the water. When you add the full amount it has too much sugar and can end up dehydrating you even more if you drink too much. Although I have never done E(planning on it), we do this in soccer, the trainer person told us.
  14. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    i wonder if my affinity for gatorade will continue on or if it was just a one night stand?
  15. Guru420

    Guru420 Member

    Nor Cal Sierra?

  16. Hey hey, one here from NorCal! hello SoCal!

    I usually go for an electrolyte enhanced water (sold at health food stores) and then on with regular water. The electrolytes keep the salts in your body (or something like that)
  17. serra

    serra tentacle girl


    mmmmm..... electrolights....
  18. Guru420

    Guru420 Member

    I though only people from Nor Cal said "hella", but It looks like you're canadian
  19. Guru420

    Guru420 Member

    How is Canada? Is it the magic wonderland that I've dreamed of?
  20. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    Lets just say, B.C Buds are extremely potent, Hash and Hash oil is available all over canada. Esspecially B.C. I love CANADA!!!

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