HEY! I need a title...any ideas?

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by DefyxGravity13, May 17, 2007.

  1. Hey! I am new here. I needed someplace where people could read my poetry. I need a title for this one. Give me your opinions and a title idea if you have one! THANKS!

    I want you here with me
    Night is seeping through the windows
    Like a dark and troubled sea.
    I'm the ship wreck on the water
    You're the sun after the storm
    You come out when you're needed
    To keep the ocean warm.
    As the night outside is rising
    The day begins to fall
    Without you here I'm nothing
    I'm puny and I'm small.
    If day just disappeared
    And we were only left with night
    I'd be the flower in the meadow
    With out a hope in sight.
    If you ever had to leave me
    I'd simply fall apart
    so please, please, please don't do it
    Please don't break my heart.
  2. Kether

    Kether Member

    I liked this a lot, it flowed, and it was just filled with imagery(didn't feel like I was reading poetry, felt like I was just looking at images in my head, except they were images from your head).
    Title ideas? Hmmmm...I don't know, these will all be shit, but maybe they'll get some juices flowing:
    "Night moves on", "My solar love", "The setting sun", "My setting sun", "Our setting love"(sorry...[​IMG] ).....
  3. No! they were good. Thanks for the complinents, and the ideas. I really appreciate it.
  4. buddm4n

    buddm4n Member

    OHIOOOOOOOOOO ctown representinnn
  5. superusername

    superusername Member

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    ^ your new title I accept master and visa cards for my charges
  6. Kether

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    On Hip Forums? Never![​IMG]

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