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Discussion in 'Latin America' started by RioReiser86, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. RioReiser86

    RioReiser86 Member

    hey sisters and brothers all around th world,

    it was a long way, but now i've got it... a ticket directly to cuba!!! I start my journey on june 19. this year and i'm so happy about it! To be honest there is no plan for my journey and i only know that i wanne visit cuba jamaika an costa rica. i've got only an one-way-ticket and i don't know how long i wanne stay anywhere so i can't tell anybody when i#m here or there.
    but it would be wounderful to meet people from this forum on my trip, so i want to ask you if somebody will be on cuba jamaika or in costa rica in the second half of this your (or at the beginning of the next your).
    Would be cool of you to give me a positiv feedback!!
    adios amigos

    peace,love and lots of luck
  2. emsterino

    emsterino Member

    Good job! I met this one guy when i went down to Costa Rica who was from Cuba. He had to go through like 6 countries before he could get to the US, so good job getting your ticket to Cuba! You're gonna have so much fun! What languages do you speak? Spanish comes in handy. Good luck on your adventure!

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