hey guys just started my own radio ^_^

Discussion in 'Live Music Trading Post' started by Lainey, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Hey I've been DJing for online radios the past couple years now, and have finally been able to start my own!

    We play music from any genre. I let the DJs play what they want, and we communicate with the listeners through our chatroom.

    The website is www.sputnikradio.org . At the site, you'll see you can click on whichever media player you use, so the stream will open up in it.

    You can also access the IRC on the Sputnik Chat Room link :)

    Hope you come visit us!!!

    xoxo DJ Lainey :cool:


    I'm looking for new DJs!!!!!!! There is no experience required. Only requirements are that you have mp3s to play, SAM broadcaster software (which we will provide for you) , and a high speed internet connection.
    A lot of our DJs have been playing a lot of fast electronic music. I was hoping that by looking here I might find a DJ or two that would play more rock. If you're interested send me a message on here, or just come chat with me at out website! :D

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