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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Micha, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    whats in your purse?

    i got
    two or three packs of dentyne fire (i'm addicted)
    some beads from makin necklaces with my little cousins :)
    a sharpie
    ipod cover
    disneyworld room key?
    school id..only for my key
    perfume for..erasing certain smellz
    FLOSS. gotta have the floss
    wallet and stuff in there
  2. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    AHAHAH... Gone Fishin. Reminds me of a part in there... I love that movie...

    Joe Pesci and Danny Glover are like... the best acting team ever.

    "Yeah...looked like a man with a purse."
  3. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    keys, a cell phone, a rock, playing cards (for emergency strip poker hahah), a wallet, random papers, a change bag for when i see buskers, lip gloss, some pens, my lawyers business card, lottery tickets i keep forgetting to cash in, sunglasses, and thats all right now.

    usually also cigs and a lighter, but i try to not carry those, so i dont smoke as much.
  4. stebo32

    stebo32 amanita monster

    and for guys: WHATS IN YO POCKET?

    i got 10$ :)... my keys, and a spongebob key chain (had to mention the keychain, it fuckin rocks)
  5. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    haha.. i just realized theres absolutely no money in my purse...
  6. a wallet
    2 pens
    little note-book
    arthur rimbaud's illuminations
    fruit lipgloss
    paper towels
    eye drops
  7. KyndVeggie4Peace

    KyndVeggie4Peace -[ in.bloom ]-

    I have a one strap backpack that I carry with me everywhere ...

    so here is the contents ... :D

    cell phone
    loose change
    my 'spirit journal'
    quit smoking gum [dosent work]
    a seashell
    my MP3 player
    digital camera
    sleeping pills/pain killers
    lottery tickets that need cashed
    my peyote stitch that I always keep with me
    and last but not least ... some patchouli oil. :D

    I have more stuff than the girls ... is that bad? :p
  8. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    your bag is bigger.

    when i use my bigger bag, i have like everything. a journal, a book, water bottle, etc. those dont fit in my current purse.
  9. stebo32

    stebo32 amanita monster

    lmao youre such a chick :p
  10. KyndVeggie4Peace

    KyndVeggie4Peace -[ in.bloom ]-

    ahaha :D

    it's ok though, I can relate better. ;)
  11. _chris_

    _chris_ Marxist

    phone, 17 pence, MP3 player, hayfever pills, a pen, card to prove im under 16, 1 bus fare and a lighter
  12. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    i got nothing :H

    usually if i have stuff, its my cellphone, wallet, keys, and mp3 player. sometimes a lighter, and every so often some cigerettes. i think im done smoking ciggerettes though, soi dont usually carry them anymore.
  13. Shambhala Peace

    Shambhala Peace Senior Member

    Let's see...
    My OM hemp wallet (I love it!)
    Homeopathic allergy medicine kit
    Receipt for yarn
    My idea/observation journal
    Change purse filled with gift cards
    Strawberry Lip Balm
    Passionfruit Body Butter
    Hand Sanitizer
    Two Year Planner
    Hemp Hand Lotion
    Eye Drops for Contacts

    Kynd - I love that you carry around a bag. I think it's attractive when a guy carries around purses and stuff. :)
  14. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    i felt dizzy yesterday when i had a cigarette. i had to sit down.

    i think i'm odd. ... that never happened before.
  15. Donvito1122

    Donvito1122 Hippy Teacher to be!

    In my pockets...I have my bowl and a little smoke, wallet with money/cards, Ipod and earbuds, keys, and a lighter....thats about it.
  16. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    i don't do purses.i just carry a big shoulder bag and stuff everything in it.you know a bandana here and there.a pen and sharpy so i can draw on myself or something.money.keys.gum.maybe an article of clothing.eyeliner.and other makeup stuff.mirror
    i really need to buy a wallet:Di always have loose money laying around.
  17. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    I've got:

    -An empty wallet, save a few pennies and little plastic cards that I don't use
    -My leather fish changepurse with no change in it :D
    -Merry Hempster's Hip Trip for Lips lemon lime lip balm :D
    -My cd player etc... I'd get an mp3 but this thing works just fine and I dont want to waste what little money I make :D
    -Some assignments all crumpled up from school
    -A picture of an old man laughing
    -A green spiral thing with my house key on it that I continually was losing
    -'Aids do not discriminate' pen from my mom's work :D
    -Herbacine Kamille hand cream stuff
    -A cootie catcher/fortune teller that reads things like 'You smell of Kohlrabi'
    -A bandana all rolled up
    -A Hard Rock cafe pin from ottawa.. no idea why its in there
    -Vanilla essential oil
    -one shitload of empty peach gum wrappers
    -guitar picks
  18. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    woooo im broke too:D
  19. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    whats the difference between a shoulder bag and a purse?...?

    i usually use this bag i got from an import store. it had a person meditating embroidered on it. and then my free tibet patch and some pins from the green party.

    but since i am looking for a job, i am using a purse from high school. to look "professional"... i also have to tie my dreads back tight to look "neat" ugh.
  20. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    those really long ones:D

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