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Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by ukpokerplayer, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. ukpokerplayer

    ukpokerplayer Member

    just thought i would let you know, i have being on medication for a while, and have being to therapy lessons, and being diagnosed with ocd, which stems from all these gay thoughts, whereas you lot have them maybe a few times a day, i get them everyday and have had them for the last 5 years on my mind 24/7. she diagnosed me with ocd, and said it sounds like you have HOCD, homosexual obbsessive compulsive disorder
  2. Eroll Parat

    Eroll Parat Member

    Good for you!

    It brings great sadness to me that they are labelling gay thoughts as a mental condition. *sniff*
  3. ukpokerplayer

    ukpokerplayer Member

    do you know i new you would be the first one to reply, and the therapit told me to stay away from sites like this, because all you do is wanting to add to the gay world to make yourself feel better.

    what your not understanding mate. is my therapist isnt saying that being gay is a mental illness, because she actually said to me its is fine if you are, it doesnt matter whether your gay/bi/straight.

    the fact is mate is i am obbsessed by the thoughts, i cant stop thinking about it everyday of my life, it has ruined my life these gay thoughts, and i dont like them i find that they aint for me half the time, but because i have ocd it makes u beilieve you do, exactly like my other compulsions of shaking my bed quilt 5 times its something that makes me think i enjoy it. my ulcer biting 5 times so cause me pain dont ask me why i do it i cant control it, do you see the pattern
  4. Your doctor was right. It doesn't matter, bud.

    I have OCD, but I never felt it ever effected the way I was in terms of sexuality. If you think about it so often, then surely it must be pleasing in some way of another. Just have to step back, accept it and simply relax. Personally I am pretty proud of myself, us of harder sexual orientation have to go through so much crap to be normal.

    It may help to know, as silly as it sounds, that I drink herbal teas and Chinese herbal remedies for my ticks. If you are relaxed, quite obviously, you will find yourself biting your lips less. It worked for me.
  5. druidhippie90

    druidhippie90 Member

    my doc said that too

    i told her to $#$%^* shove it in butt :D
  6. erzebet1961

    erzebet1961 Senior Member

    I wish you SO Much happiness send you lots of huggs !!
  7. Well, I think the most important thing to remember from hocd is that you can't control the thought at all. I think it would help to be relaxed, confident and secure about your sexuality.
  8. ukpokerplayer

    ukpokerplayer Member

    but i cant accpet it thats what i am saying thes thoughts happen all day everyday, i have tried to do it before, and it doesnt seem right for me. i am in therpay for all my ocd, and HOCD specialists on a site have told me that i have HOCD, sometimes i dont belive because the thougts are so graphic its hard to believe, now i am starting to spike again

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