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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by Tainted, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Tainted

    Tainted Member

    What is it everyone has against heroin? I'm not advocating heroin in any sense, but this is the opiates forum. If your here, you probably have an interest in opiates. That means at some point or another you will probably try percocet or oxycontin, Oxycodone.

    Oxycodone and Heroin have an almost identical high when sniffed. Sure heroin has cuts in it, but this is a drug forum. I'm sure alot of you have tried other drugs that are cut, ecstasy, cocaine, shit like that. The high from heroin is almost identical, if your sniffing it cuts are not something to really worry about. Why is heroin SO bad then?
    Heroin can be injected, but so can oxy's. I know it's not good to inject oxys because of the time release, but I know a lot of people that shoot up oxys.

    If your worried about getting addicted to opiates, don't use opiates. Heroin is cheaper, but honestly it's not much different at all from oxycodone. The addiction potential is no higher with heroin as it is with oxycodone. People just hear about heroin getting shot up alot more then OC's.

    I'm not advocating heroin, or opiates at all in this post. I'm just saying, don't act like heroin is so much worse then oxycontin, because it's very similar. I've done it all, the only real difference is shooting heroin and sniffing oxys/heroin. Shooting shit is a totally different ballgame, but if your just sniffing, honestly it doesn't matter what your sniffing. Of course, all roads lead to the same dreadful path.
  2. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    Yeah man I agree I came to this forums wanting to read about heroin experiences and stuff.
  3. Tainted

    Tainted Member

    If you want to know anything specific, PM me. I was shooting up daily for a few months, (13 days clean now) and I've been using heroin for probably 6 months.
  4. Nitrusx

    Nitrusx Banned

    Most of the people taking oxy don't realize that there doing something so similar to heroin. Point and case, I have people at my school who tell me "Oh man I'm tripping on 'cottins".
  5. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman Member

    I think it has to do with the social cultural views of heroin more than anything else. Heroin is always advertised as the worst opiate and drug out there, but in reality they aren't much different.

    It's the same thing with LSD and mushrooms. People look at mushrooms as a pretty harmless substance but look at acid as if it is so much more dangerous, even though both psychedelics produce the same effects!

    So I think it has to do with the taboo and cultural views surounding heroin more than anything else.
  6. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    I'm always taken aback when people I know to use pharmaceutical narcotics have this puritanical attitude torwards heroin. it's so... stupid. the difference is like that between beer and vodka.
  7. Taylor

    Taylor Repatriated

    random tangent:

    I know nothing about heroin and other opiates... but I don't think your analogy is the best. If what you're saying about opiates is true and there's little difference between heroin and other things then saying it's like beer and vodka is kinda dumb. There's quite a difference between beer and vodka - beer is usually about 5% alcohol, vodka usually about 40%. That's a huge difference...

    /random tangent.
  8. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    That analogy is not right because several pharmaceuticals are a lot stronger then heroin. Just one example, and there are several, is fentanyl, by weight, is about 50 times stronger then heroin. I think silverbackman is correct in that it is the social/cultural views that are the stigma much more then then the real effects of it. Not to downplay the possible negative effects of addiction, but I think meth is far more damaging to people and society then heroin.
  9. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    if you don't know anything about opiates, why bother disputing what I said?

    a pint of vodka is way more potent than a pint of beer. the same level of intoxication could be reached through beer, but more would have to be consumed. just like it would take a handful of percs to approach a typical dope nod.
  10. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    you're right about fentanyl being more potent than heroin, but that is an exception to the rule. pharmaceutical dope is rarely as fierce as heroin. oxycodone and hydrocodone are way more prelevant.

    besides, heroin seems like a lot more fun (and safer) than fentanyl.
  11. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) also more potent than Heroin? I know in some versions it's at least 80x more potent than straight Morphine...
  12. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    yeah, I think D is stronger than H. so what? how often is dilaudid even perscribed anymore in comparison to it's tamer relatives?
  13. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    There are a lot of modern synthetic opiates that are much stronger then heroin. Some reportedly being up to thousands of times stronger. Heroin was developed over 100 years ago. I think the main appeal of heroin (at least to traffickers) is that it is relatively easy to manufacture in 3rd world countries without a high tech laboratory. Heroin also has the property of being able to easily pass the blood/brain barrier, which some other opiates do not, this makes it for a better high when injecting it.
  14. Tainted

    Tainted Member

    I'm glad alot of you are taking my standpoint. Really what I was looking for was why people hate it so much. In reference, this thread http://hipforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217338 , people went on and on about how terrible H is and it will destroy your life, yet this is an opiate forum. I was really looking for some of these people to step up and explain their stand point. Obviously their not, because they have no explanation.
  15. I think people's negativity towards heroin comes a lot from it's abuse potential (I doubt these people realize what the pharmaceutical companies are doing). However you can start out smoking a dot of H on a bowl of bud thinking i's no big deal, and it isn't really if you can keep it at that..but that is not how H lets most people go. next thing you know your parents want nothing to do with your dope fiendin ass. Of opiates heroin has one of the quickest tolerence curves.

    There is much contravercy in the junky bin about dilaudid and H. But what it sounds like to me is it depends on the person and dosage of course. I have a friend who knows what a beautiful (as far as black tar goes) H rush is about, and he recently experienced a high Dilaudid rush (with a fentanyl patch on too), anyhow if I recal I think he said they are both good in their own way...

    In my opinion it's ok to enjoy opiates once every couple weeks, this avoids addiction. But if addiction isn't a problem to you or you have no money problems, youre in for a fun ride to hell. One of the best.
  16. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    THE best, not one of the best haha. :)
  17. Slamming cocaine is much more euphoric and fun compared to slamming H.
  18. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    I dont think so. But, of course this is all just personal opinion. Plus, I quit both last year, the only drug I do anymore besides the bacis, is Morphine Sulfate, orally :)
  19. Shocbomb

    Shocbomb Member

    I have a love hate relationship with Herion. If you never tried the drug don't. If you have you know why I love it. Dope is a fucking evil drug that brings you to the lowest walks of life. I have been fighting the drug sence I was 20 I am now 29. I can't even begin to tell you how bad herion has hurt my life.I was a bad addict with coke but herion was just 1000 times worse. I did things I never thoguht i Would for drugs.I stole anything not nailed down from my Girl my family, friends etc just to get it so I would not get sick every day. I lied all the time to get $$$. I fucked over so many good friends and family for Herion. I saw good friends die from overdoses, I overdosed 3 times. I am so lucky I am still alive. Herion is not a drug to fuck with. I have been off it now for about 5 months. I am on Methadone which makes it so I don't get dope sick. But not a fucking hour goes buy when I don't think about shooting up. There is not a better feeling in this world. It unreal the feeling when Herion hits your blood strem. There is no drug like it.
  20. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    well, that's subjective.

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