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Discussion in 'Communism' started by andallthatstocome, May 21, 2007.

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    if there's anything the Soviet Union teaches us, it's that communism on a large scale is subject to corruption. However, what most of them Cappies don't realize is that there are many unexplored social reforms that are possible that would improve the living conditions of proletariat worldwide, namely a maximum wage. If a maximum wage for corporate executives and beaurocrats were instated, more money could be allocated for an expanded and better-paid workforce, meaning reduced poverty and even (gasps from the audience) more money for government-funded programs like education!

    discussion, tips, ideas, all welcome.
  2. Green

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    Everything is subject to corruption under capitalism. Communism is an economic state, not a government system. The soviet union taught us that Trotsky's dream died with him and that you can't skip capitalism. Capitalism is globalization, and the end result of globalization will be the completion of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The proletariat is not fully formed yet.

    The are plenty of capitalists that support social reforms. What I as a communist really want is for workers to control the means of production (a.k.a. dictatorship of the proletariat). You ideas sound like that of a democratic socialist, an opprotunist who has allowed bourgeoisie ideas to corrupt your thinking.

    Communism isn't about government regulation. It is about the workers owning the means of production. Well, Marxism is about workers owning the means of production. I reject the dictionary definitions of capitalism and communism.

    Capitalism and Communism are economic states, and so is Socialism. They aren't government forms. You can have different government forms under each economic state. By economic state, I mean economic condition of the world.
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    The soviet union did also show us the power of government regulation, transforming a pratically midevil society into the second most powerful imperialist nation in the world, second to only the United States, and this was done in an incredibly short amount of time; however, I still loathe Stalinist Russia.
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    Man real comunisam can not be subject of corruption because is based on get as much as you need and work as much as you can, In Yugoslavia there was corruption as much as there is in USA or UK today, here coruption started to grow in the transition.And noone will pay more to the workforce because capitalists aregreedy man they think only abouth them, isn't capitalisam based on MINE is MINE and I care only abouth me? If you don't do that you can not became capitalist man.
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    Communism was financed by what most would consider capitalists. Trotsky was in the pay of Wall Street bankers. Both capitalism and communism are based on the money system, and communism was funded into existence by the central bankers to be the opposing force to capitalism in the Hegelian dialectic. (Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis.) There is no such thing as "real communism" other than in ideology. It's sold to its followers in a utopic light, far different than when it is when played out in reality. Communism has always been used as a tool for the consolidation of wealth and the enslavement of everyone not part of the ruling elite.

    We are told that communism started as an uprising of the people, but nothing could be further from the truth. Communism was brought into existence by the very same people the communists thought they were opposing, which is the monied elite, or ruling class.
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    Thruth but we all want utopia that's whath we fight for or no? The thing that hapened to the world caled comunisam wasn't comunisam. Stalin was same as Hitler he shouldn't be someone who is counsidered as comunist he was diktator. As ideology comunisam is beter than capitalisam not that comuisam is the best. Also comunisam shouldn't have money sistem, utopicly.

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