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  1. I'm sure there are many threads on this, but I want to be clear.

    If you use an herbal vaporizer to get high, will it smell strongly of pot in the room you're in? I've even had experience with one, but there were blunts in the same room

    Any major difference between the digital and manual models?
    Good temp to burn? 360?

    Just to put in perspective, if you're in a dorm or hotel, would a vape be a safe method of getting high in terms of smell?

    I'm looking to buy one, thanks
  2. unfocusedanakin

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    It won't smell like pot burned by a lighter, but there will be an aroma of something being burned. You want one where there is a dial you can manually set the temperature on if your willing to spend a few hundred dollars. But if you want to go cheap a vapor genie will do the job.
  3. eggsprog

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    i have the magic flight launch box, and it definitely gives off a smell. it is somewhere between toasted almonds and slightly burnt popcorn, if i had to compare it to something. if you did it with a bathroom fan going, or with a window open, you probably won't have any problems as long as the person you're hiding it from isn't familiar with the smell of vaporized weed (and if they are, they probably won't give a shit anyway).
  4. Popularity

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    portable vaporizers put off little smell. I too have a magic flight launch box. there is very little smell. you can blow under your comforter and probably have no smell. I have vaped in a bathroom several times and asked people to walk in and see if they could smell anything and they couldn't. You're less likely to smell it in places that are spacious, have high ceilings, have their own smells, etc.
  5. eggsprog

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    It depends on how toasty you let the bud get too. If you're really trying to squeeze everything out of it, it'll probably smell a bit more at the end.
  6. Yeah that was one thing I wanted to know. So I guess the smell should be fine if I have just a candle burning (I normally do)

    Do you know what temperature you burn the bud at? Is it specific? Or is it just like a low medium high setting?
  7. averageguy6

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    I have an Ascent by Da Vinci works great. The temp go up or down by 1 degree, it's digital. I have mine at 475F.

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