Herbal Asthma Medicine?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by wildcaitflower, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. howdy folks! i hope this message reaches you all in good spirits.

    i have asthma and am trying to find alternative ways of treating it.
    i've been smoking mullein occasionally and it helps a little bit but i'm still depending largely on my chemical babylon made inhaler that i know is very bad for my health.

    i would absolutely love to hear any suggestions about any herbs or kinds of breathing exercises or anything at all that might help

    thank you all so much

    shine on!
  2. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    from Shaman, Witchdoctors, Manuals, "Home Cures and Popular Beliefs" & the book "Where There is No Doctor", used as a health guide by The Voluntary Health Association of India.

    Boil down 'bout a handful of the leaves of Vasa (Hindi: Arusa; Tamil: Adathodai) in 2-4 cups of water until it becomes 1-2 cups (half). Strain and add honey or jaggery to taste. Take 3 times a day for a minimum of three months. Give half of the adult dose to children.

    and of course the babylon ass covering:

    Since asthma can become very serious, seek medical help if it doesn't improve.

    I suggest "Local" Honey in ALL Case's !!!!!!!!

    The Ancient Chinese Breathing techniques that you produce different sound/tones on the exhale are VERY, VERY Powerful. ;)

    Tradin' Bill a.k.a. Fla_Hippy

  3. redavni

    redavni Member

    I certainly don't belong giving medical advice, but never having heard of "Vasa" I did some searching. It doesn't seem dangerous. Although, if I was a woman, I think I'd exercise an abundance of caution about anything advertised as having uterine stimulant activity. Then again, I've never had a uterus, so what the hell do I know. It could be fun.

    Ma Huang might be worth looking into as well.
  4. ButterCup

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  5. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    Ma Huang: (Please click and study it)

    It is a Natural form of EPHEDRA. I only see this advised (in the woods) on severe sinusitus, Upper Resp. flu or colds. It is used is some asthma case's.

    Would be like giving up processed cocaine and just chewing on the coca leaf.

    Natural is Better is the KEY advice we're ALL giving.

    Tradin' Bill a.k.a. Fla_Hippy

    As of April 21st, 2006, the FDA's decision to ban nutritional/diet supplements from containing the plant or extracts thereof of ephedra was upheld by the Tenth Circuit courts.
    U.S. federal congress is currently discussing the scheduling of pseudoephedrine into Schedule V. Jan 2005. The bill created in Congress is S 103, Jan 24, 2005.
  6. Trix_Bunny

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    You could try eucalyptus wildcait, you can buy eucalyptus oil(you just drip some onto a cloth and inhale the fumes from it, its not for internal use) or just eucalyptus leaves and crunch them up, my mother has asthma and used her salbutamol inhaler for years before a friend suggested her to try eucalyptus oil, now she just inhales a bit whenever she thinks she feels an attack coming on or before she exercises, her asthma is better than it has been for years and she hasn't had to have a subscription filled for salbutamol in years either.

    P.S Just to be on the safe side she still keeps an inhaler in the house but its still in its box unopened since she bought it.
  7. Relic

    Relic Coming Unhinged

  8. makno

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    grow shitloads of big aloe vera plants . eat the jelly in big amounts ....in purto rico , they gave it to lil asthmatic kids , and it worked. .... u can buy aloe gel or juice at health food store or co op .
  9. TradinBill

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    Okay, Searched down some Elder than I & here's what FAMILY does:


    Garlic / Ground Ivy / Blackthorn / Blue Vervain

    Mix in equal portions. Simmer approx 4 tbsp in 1 Qt of water for 20 min. Strain and take 3-4 TBSP, 3-4 times a day.


    Lobelia / Garlic / Euphorbia / Ground Ivy / Yerba Santa / Blackthorn / Gum Plant / Blue Vervain / Cayenne

    Mix & Simmer approx 8 TBSP in a Qt of water for 20 min. Take 4 TBSP 1st dose and 2 TBSP every ½ hour. When attack subsides, Take 4 TBSP every 4 hours.

    (I learned this below from Ocala '07 as I got Bronchitis Skinny dippin' at night)


    Sundew / Thyme / Fennel / Silverweed

    Mix equal Parts. Steep about a TSP in ½ cup hot to boiling water. Drink ½ - 1 cup a day. This may be sweetened with Honey.

    Tradin' Bill a.k.a. Fla_Hippy
  10. redavni

    redavni Member

    If you are comparing the drugs in a prescribed inhaler to cocaine, then I guess your analogy has some merit. I don't think chewing a coca leaf would do much more than a cup of coffee to a person, and in moderation would be fine.
    Your analogy breaks down in the sense that ephedrine is the same as amphetamines chemically, and therefore dangerous. Natural ephedrine (mostly L isomer) does not cross the blood-brain barrier as well as it's D isomer.
    Ephedra is an effective natural bronchiodilator. Probably the best/safest nature has to offer.

    Last I checked Ma Huang was a plant that grows...in nature.

    Nature can be just as bad as "unnatural" (I'd be really curious to hear at what point you 'ALL' think a part of a plant becomes unnatural) as well. Apples seeds or cherry pits might be all natural, but one counts cyanide as a healthy part of their daily diet I certainly wouldn't reccomend eating them.

    I grew up on a farm where we grew all these damn herbs we are talking about. I know more about them than I ever want to, and you can count me out of the 'natural is better' crowd.

    Better living through chemistry...in moderation.

    Ephedra is being banned because stupid people are doing irresponsible things with it, not because it is inherently dangerous. L-Tryptophan was sadly banned for exactly the same reason.

    Irregardless, there are many types of athsma medicines for different categories of athsma. The OP should be sure of what kind of athsma she has first, then seek something natural that can be effective.
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    Dear Sister: Please check out my post at the Health page. It is titled Asthma help! Please read the post to get my background so you know I am for real. I no longer suffer from Asthma. Have not for 9 years. Click on the link there and follow the therapy program I followed and you will be free of attacks too. There are lots of herbs that can ease attacks and help with any general breathing problem. But you won't be free of attacks until you clean out your lungs of all the built up gunk. Its basically like chelation therapy for arteries but this is for lungs. The lower lobe of my right lung was collapsed and plugged totally. When it opened up 9 years ago It F....ing HURT but it had AIR in it. AIR pure sweet air. City air but air it was. The therapy will "cure" you of attacks sorta. But as soon as the mucous builds up again they will come back. It doesn't cure the underlying cause of the condition which is a messed up immune system which keeps dumping too much gunk in there. And overreacting to whatever triggers the attacks. But with a good cleaning and lots of work rehabing your lungs they CAN heal and get better. I am living proof of it.

    Peace, Cricket

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