Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by sosume, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. sosume

    sosume Member

    i tried sticking a sharpie marker up my bum last night and when i pulled it out a drop of blood came out..... why did this happen? do i need to go see a doctor

    it was just a little speck tho
  2. bdevil

    bdevil Member

    Stick an ice cube in there you'll be fine.
  3. sosume

    sosume Member

    ummmm r u serious or r u bein sarcastic?
  4. ganesha1967

    ganesha1967 barefoot bellybearer

    I guess the ice cube might have been an advice to stop pain, if there was any, and to stop the bleeding...
    However, if there's blood coming out there, its most often sign of an anal fissure... a small injury (most times.)

    Best case is, that it self-heals without further consequence. And next time, find something with a smoother surface and without sharp edges and be sure to lube up enough. ;)

    Bi the way (that's a pun, not a typo!), it's quite easy nowadays to get a dildo (if you wish to explore what the natural shape of a cock feels like up your bum) online, in "discreet" packing without upsetting anyone, or having to go to a sex shop (some people are afraid to be spotted doing so... fear of social stigma, and such). perhaps it's a better option to get one of those, rather than using a marker.
    Best, of course, is to find a partner, who would fulfil that curiosity full-scale. :D

    wiggling toes,

  5. Gumby

    Gumby Banned

    You should have pressed your ass against an art canvas, it could have been cinsidered some kind of abstract art. Skid marks, ink, and blood. You would have been working with 3 different colors...
  6. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    Use a butt plug, not a marker.
  7. Howard Stern talks about having anal fissures since the age of ten. He's 55 now and is doing just fine.
  8. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Senior Member

    well just fine for Howard Stern anyway :piggy:
  9. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    My X told me a story that when she was a nurse in the Air Force, they had to take a shot glass out of a Senior Master Sergeant's butt. He said it was on a bet. What kind of bet, I have always wondered?

    "I Bet you're not stupid enough to stick this shot glass up your butt!"

    "I bet I am!"
  10. lol

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