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    Well I just downloaded Video spin, because Windows Movie maker won't accept the use of Itunes music. I thought video spin would.... But nope. So I had some music files on my computer from last time I used Limewire, which resulted in a Virus. It will accept those but not Itunes music. Why is this? Does anyone know a music-buying site that will work with videospin? And can anyone help me figure out how to avoid viruses on Limewire? I'd really appreciatte the help, thanks.
  2. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    Is.nt itunes the .ac format? Which is protected so ya could try burning them to an audio cd and then ripping them as mp3.

    I take it you've got a virus and spy checker keep them upto date and only surf or use share sites using a ''user account'' that will stop important system files getting attacked.

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