Discussion in 'Relationships' started by khoutown, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. khoutown

    khoutown Member

    my gilfriend and i have been trying a long distance relationship since the new year started. she went back to finish college and i told her that if we made it through the next two years i would marry her. she was supposed to move back her after she finished but since she has been back she says she is happy there and thinks she will stay. her family is there and its where she grew up and i understand that. i know alot ccan happen in two years but im 34 and i told her i didnt think i could wait two years without any garauntee she will move back. i cant move there and she knows this. i love her but i got to let her go. my problem is how do we stay friends. should we? we will both move but what happens when one of us gets in another relationship? should we not talk or just deal with it? we truley are great friends so this really sucks. what should i do???? btw blades of glory is funny as hell!!!!
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    just be honnest with her theres no reason to write off the relationship though 2 years is nothing if u want something to last, however 2 yeasrs i s a long time to wait if it goes nowhere & fizzles away to nothing.. enjoy being together today with no guarantee of tomoro, but, that doesnt mean sabatauging a future by constantluy looking either..if your meant to b e together you'll get through the 2 years any way you can, if your not meant to be together someone will come along someday & lead 1 of u away..but no matter what happens try to remain freinds through it all

    but ya kno..maybe your not so into the relationship as ya think if your throwing out silly movie refferences in the middle of begging for advice? oh my god im so upset about this but hey.. did u see that movie? wasnt thst funny?
    kinda makes the pleade for help seem insincere
  3. lazysunbird

    lazysunbird Member

    Why can't you move there? If you really love eachother and want to be together then make it work, regardless of what you have to do! Love is too precious to throw away.
  4. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    yes, i dont undrstand why you cant move there? i guess its really your decision if shes worth it though
  5. khoutown

    khoutown Member

    i cant move there because i own a buisness here and i have a 11 year old that lives with his mom. ive gone through alot to keep him near me so i cant just leave. she understands this. btw we broke up today. it was clean but it still sucks cause its nobodys fault

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