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  1. My husband has just informed me that all my travel funds that we saved up is gone now,, thanks to him leaving and drinking it all away,, Great huh? anyways,, I was supposed to leave today to go get saoringeagle and bumble and two others,, and now im set back til wednesday,,, not good. If theres anyone at all that can bring them a little closer to where i ll be coming from it'll help a lot,, i hope someone on here will see this thats coming in from philly or close to philly that can bring em a lil closer to home,, I feel like shit letting them down like this,, we were supposed to be there by the time ill be leaving here,, ,,, Love n Hope,, Chevy
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    this superkind sister is going 2800 miles & like yikes 4-5 days outta her way to get us & shes realy the 1 with the most desperate need to get home
    anyone whos gotta bit of extra roomthat can close the distance & cut down her scrounged funds & time youd bea lifesaver
    we're sendin her sum $ to get underway monday (was suposed to leave today) but its gonna be rugh & gonna be gettin there late unless we can get part way there to meet her
  3. willow_11

    willow_11 Member

    we need all lightworkers on the land now bro.
    you might have to make a different plan.

    still, a wizard arrives precisely when he means to.

    checked all the rideshare boards? peace conspiracy?

    edit: ok soarer, eye see you're already on p.c.
    you know the vision has never let you down, so sit in the middle of the path and use yer magnet.

    "There are many things to be learned by traveling the path that goes by fire."
  4. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    we'll be there soon as we can, even if its not as soon as we hoped, but yes i feel like i need to be there already
  5. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    sending the magic vibes, sister... check the bulletin boards at health food stores in Tulsa!
  6. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    all day been tryin to guessat how far along she was on her journey here, she was leavin by noon today by 6 i figured shed be passin s louis & ithought she may even hit ohio before stoppin to rest..well, here it is 2am..& guess whopops online in tears?
    they were 1/2 way to gettin the bus insured so she can leave when her husband made her turn around & go home cause ataillight was out..thdn he offered to drive her in the caddy but only if her daughter stayed home..her daughters been so excited, asking every 5 minutes "are we going to rainboww yet" & talks about nothing but the gathering..
    not tomention, theres absulutely no way to fit everyone & theyre gear..& my chair & drums & everything including the extra person (her husband) in the caddy
    shes cried all day & couldnt come on to tell me cause she felt too bad dissapointing everyone
    well, she was gonna head out at sunrise without a fixed light or insurance but i convinced her to drag him out of bed early & get the insurance soits legal the momment they open the door then just go (he even parked her in so she couldnt go)
    shes been packed & ready & itchin togoover a week now (so have we all)
    we may not get there till the 1st now..the latest ive ever gotten to a im guessing we may stay an extra week or so into cleanup
    everyone plz send chevy sum love & good vibes foa quick but safe journey..shes gonna be drivin..on a mission..pissed & pushin herself too far too hard to get here quickly
    & anyone who sees thiswho drives stick..if your willin to take a slight detour in the wrong direction..we'll find a way to make it worth your time to help her drive..but ya gotta pm me quickly
    (ya might even get a drum for your troubles)

    its a long shot..i know..but gottatrust in rainbow magic

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