Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by crickey21, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. crickey21

    crickey21 Member

    hi me and my girlfriend have been trying to have sex but everytime i put it in her it goes back down not the whole way but enough that its not enjoyable anymore mabe it is because i have alot of stress are what? should i try viagara are can anyone help me im 20 yrs old and still havnt had sex yet
  2. now?

    now? Member

    it's because you are stressing, worrying, fretting about the dick going soft

    its a mind game thing--the more it happens, the more you stress, the more it happens

    probably won't find a doc who will give a young guy Viagra or similar

    I guess just relax--why not just play around without the penetration--have her masturbate you or suck you off--and ditto you with her, use a vibrator whatever--once you come a few times w/o the penetration you probably will be able to do it
  3. crickey21

    crickey21 Member

    ok thx ill give it a shot
  4. sp00ky

    sp00ky Member

    try to play a game to relax first. Choose a sexy scenario (nurse - patient, teacher - student etc) and play the game for some time until you both feel relaxed and ready to start.

    Don't rush things, touch and kiss a lot, and make sure she is wet enough.

  5. isaac

    isaac Member

    if all those fail.

    take a viagra! woo man ul sure have sex then.

    but ur 20 so u should be ok with it man. relax.
  6. sp00ky

    sp00ky Member

    WOW man dont scare the people here! If they take it slow, it would be just fine!

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